Pro-Shot Products provides benefits for dealers

Pro-Shot Products, an industry leader in American made superior firearms cleaning products, is providing retailers across the nation with the cleaning products to increase accessory sales and bottom line, all while providing the ultimate cleaning experience to customers. 

With a Pro-Shot display, retailers can become a quality firearms cleaning go-to destination.

What can the Pro-Shot Platinum Dealer SRS (Store Ready Success) Program provide for your store?

American Made & Family Owned Since 1982. 

Four generations of the Damarin family with extensive knowledge and expertise in the shooting industry. Combined the Damarin family has over 145 years of industry experience to make sure you are successful with the company’s line of products.

Compete with the Marts and Box stores with an American made superior product. 

Offer your customers a superior made in America product line with a comparable price. It's a proven fact competing with the Marts and Box stores with the same product line will drive down your margins and legitimize the competition by carrying the same brand.

Organized Best Seller Proven Displays

With Pro-Shot’s combined 145 years of experience, it knows what sells and how to organize displays for maximum success. Your customers will see your store as the go-to destination for quality cleaning products. Pro-Shot knows the best sellers and will make it easy with one of its proven successful display options. Pro-Shot doesn't just fill the rack with random product, each item is carefully selected to be on its display from years of experience and sales data.

Quality Consumer Experience

Once a shooter uses Pro-Shot cleaning components, they see and feel the Pro-Shot difference on how we make cleaning faster and easier. Pro-Shot's components function flawlessly together to make a superior simple straightforward fast and easy cleaning experience.

Create a Pro-Shot brand loyal customer & Product Pusher

Pro-Shot knows and understands that gun owners enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others. With Pro-Shot making firearms cleaning faster and easier, customers like sharing the experience. Additionally, the easy and helpful shopping experience provided by Pro-Shot such as the cal./mm listings on our cleaning patches help customers make their store decision fast, easy, and most importantly correctly. Pro-Shot retailers obtain that critical word-of-mouth exposure and recommendation and can quickly become known as “the Go-To Destination” for Pro-Shot Quality American made firearms cleaning products.

CO-Branding Classic Kit Program

Get your company logo co-branded on a Pro-Shot kit for no charge. Purchase 25 kits on an opening order and Pro-Shot will put your logo on its line of classic box kits at no charge. No minimums on reorders ever, making this a fantastic free store promotion for dealers.

Upgraded Cleaning Kit Packaging

Pro-Shot's cleaning kits include a new case design that’s not only functional and appealing, but also includes space for the consumer to add components in the tray area. For first time gun owners we also include our cleaning guide inside. Each kit includes details about the components on the back of each kit. This is key with all of the new gun owners needing to clean their new gun purchase.

Master Proven Seal of Approval

All Pro-Shot accessories have been field tested and approved with its Master Proven seal of approval. Master Proven provides a rigorous 3rd party testing and evaluation of Pro-Shots’ kits. The product is reviewed under several criteria by tactical and industry professionals: Determine product function, how it holds up to punishment and whether the price is objectively reasonable in the context of purpose, construction, and performance in extreme environments. Master Proven only provides reviews for American made products.