A New Super Compact Line That Goes Long On Performance!

The new Copperheads may be short in stature, but they don’t fall short in other departments. Boasting good light transfer through multicoated lenses, a Copperhead model makes an ideal alternative to MTC’s longer, flagship King Cobra when shooting in low light scenarios, like at dawn, dusk or in thick woodland. 

The Copperhead line launches with a pair of second focal plane (F2) models – the 3-12x and 4-16x44, priced at £300.00 and £315.00 respectively. These inaugural Copperheads offer pull-up/lock-down elevation and windage turrets, side parallax adjustment, fast-focus eyepiece and flip-up lens covers. Furthermore, they are equipped with MTC Optics’ all-new AMD2 reticle. This not only provides uncluttered graduations for easy trajectory and wind allowances out to extreme distances, but an illuminated central crosshair offering six brightness settings to perfectly suit the sight picture.

The Copperhead features MTC Optics’ all-new AMD2 reticle, for clear and uncluttered range markings out to extreme ranges. It also has an illuminated central crosshair that can be set to a choice of six brightness settings to perfectly suit the sight picture.

W: www.mtcoptics.com