German Precision Optics Supports Hunters with “WHY” by Félix Daligny

During 2020 when most of the world was learning how to deal with the new reality brought on by COVID-19, a vision came to the mind of Félix Daligny. An avid hunter, but also a father and businessman, Félix had a passion and wanted to share that with people.  His passion is hunting and for so long he had needed to balance his love for hunting with answering questions from non-hunters as to how he could do it and why did he do it.

From this came the plan of action to create “WHY” (I am a hunter).  Released on December 21, 2020 the video has been viewed by a quarter of a million people on YouTube in only one month.

To realize his dream Daligny, from France, partnered with several companies from the shooting and hunting industry including Deerhunter clothing, Weatherby rifles, A-Tec suppressors, and German Precision Optics.  

From the standpoint of GPO, the chance to support this effort was one they could not pass up.  “When I first heard about this project it seemed like something that fit perfectly to what we want to achieve and present to the world… Passion for what you do and portrayed in a stylish and real way,” said GPO Business Development Manager, Surujh Roopnarine.

“The end result is a work of visual art that depicts the real-life passion for hunting, without filter, politics or controversy. We are very pleased with the cooperation and feel proud to have supported such an effort by Félix”. 

In addition to financial support, key to this project was the equipment used by Félix during the chamois hunt that was to be the basis of the film.  GPO supplied their brand-new Spectra 8x 2.5-20x50i riflescope as well as renowned Rangeguide 2800 10x50 LRF binocular. “In order to be successful in any activity, especially hunting, I take care of the equipment I use and how it performs. When I had a chance to see and use the GPO products, I knew that they fit to my style and requirements for quality, reliability, and performance”, said Félix Daligny.

“The Spectra riflescope and Rangeguide LRF binocular allowed me to be assured of my shot placement and ethical harvest of the animal which would feed my family”.

“WHY (I am a hunter)” is available in stunning 4K quality on YouTube. 


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