3m Peltor Introduces A New Wireless Tactical Modular Audio System

The system is designed to help protect your hearing, and enhance situational awareness and communications in dynamic acoustical environments.

3M Peltor Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS) is 3M’s newest generation of tactical communication and hearing protection, developed to help operators effectively communicate in dynamic acoustical environments. The new system brings forward our next generation 3M Peltor ComTac VII headset and 3M Peltor Tactical Earplug TEP-300, with new looks, improved systems integration, and enhanced auditory situational awareness to help give operators a tactical edge during operations.

TMAS is the first commercially available wireless communication headset system for tactical operations that removes the cable(s) between the headset and the chest mounted Push-to-Talk (PTT) via its new System Control Unit, SCU-300. The SCU-300 unit can handle multiple radios, with multiple channels, and the user is able to customize their audio management to optimize how they monitor and transmit over multiple radio channels. Additionally, the system comes equipped with a new remote PTT, that can be mounted on the weapons rail – giving operators the capability to transmit and adjust volume without having to remove their hand from the weapon.


“We are extremely proud of this technology breakthrough in wireless communications. For years, our customers have expressed the need to eliminate the cable(s) from the headset which presented an incredible challenge. After years of development and working with our customers, we have achieved a secure, reliable, robust wireless system that lets you experience wireless freedom through a cord-free connection between our new System Control Unit and ComTac VII or TEP-300. This will help to improve overall cable management for the user.” says Niklas Emilsson, Technical Project Manager.

Hearing Protection & Situational Awareness

“Many military operations are conducted in dynamic acoustical environments that can change quickly from quiet to high levels of noise. Unprotected exposures may lead to noise induced hearing loss, as well as immediate, temporary changes in hearing that can affect tactical operations. 3M continues to be a world leader in addressing these challenges with the TMAS System, designed to help protect hearing against high level of noise, that helps provide sound detection, sound identification, sound localization and speech communications, - all important components of auditory situational awareness, impacting operation efficiency and individual safety.”, says Eric Fallon, Au.D, LTC (Ret), CCC-A Doctor of Audiology, Senior Application Engineer

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