Walther Opens Performance Center

Ten Nine Factory "T9F" is the new Walther Performance Center for precision shooting sports. 

It represents building the perfect weapons system to include the weapon, ammunition, and accessories for the Olympic shooting disciplines of air rifle, air pistol, small bore rifle and sport pistol. 

This is a "one-stop shop" for equipping true champions. Ambitious sport shooters and professional athletes alike can take advantage of competent advice provided by Carl Walther experts, on site.

Walther draws on the expertise of its own top national and international shooters in-house. Among them are former national team members, World, and European champions. They are all united by a passion for perfection in shooting sports. Many top national and international shooters have placed their trust in Walther’s specialists for many years – now everyone can benefit from this expertise at the Ten Nine Factory.

The professionals of "T9F" create a personalized setup for all the sports equipment in each desired discipline, as part of an individual consulting and coaching program. Fine-tuning and valuable tips are provided first-hand during the consultation. On the air gun shooting range in the Ten Nine Factory, every setting can be tested immediately and the result checked and evaluated using the state-of-the-art electronic equipment from Meyton.

Best in class

The Ten Nine Factory not only offers best in class service, it does much more: In addition to the full Carl Walther product range, the T9F has world-class shooting accessories available. With high-quality products from exclusive partners Sauer, Centra and RWS, Walther makes the dream of an individual sports package come true. To round off the service, ammunition lots can be tested with the air gun and the gun can be adjusted individually.

The Walther Performance Center thus offers an all-round service with exactly one goal – the personal increase in performance of any competition shooter. The "T9F" is an important part of the Walther brand world in close cooperation with the competent specialized trade, domestically and abroad. Together with our specialist retail partners and competition shooters, Carl Walther GmbH is thus proactively committed to the future of competition sports.


Walther says that its guns have always been in a class of their own: from the 6.35 mm semiautomatic Model 1, designed in 1908 and sold starting in 1911, to the classic PP and PPK, and then the P38, which had a second career as the German army’s P1 service pistol, and right through to the present-day PPQ and its all-steel sisters, the Q5 and Q4 Steelframe.

Each of these pistols is regarded as a milestone in development. The same is true for the sporting rifles and pistols that bear the famous Walther banner, such as the iconic Walther GSP.

Another example is the LP 500 air pistol. Its trigger pull profile, ergonomics, balance and weight distribution make it the first choice of demanding shooters all over the world.

This is also true of the innovative high-end KK 500. And finally, the LG 400 air rifle. The version with an innovative monotec mounting delivers an extraordinary boost in performance and has attracted strong sales throughout the industry.

W: www.carl-walther.de