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As the premium supplier of professional military and police equipment, all Tasmanian Tiger products are made of the very best quality and with the best functionality. The comprehensive development work is always based on the users‘ specific needs and requirements.

From prototype to series production, all products are manufactured in the company’s own production facilities. This ensures that a consistently high level of quality is maintained. Every step in the production process, from purchasing materials to manufacture to the final checks, is precisely defined and checked regularly by independent test centers to international standards. Every product is checked before it leaves production and is given a serial number that is then stored in the company’s own database.

The company history

The Tasmanische Tiger – also called Tasmanian Wolf – was the largest carnivorous marsupial on the Australian continent. It was about the size of a small wolf and owes its name “Tasmanian Tiger” to its striped coat which served as camouflage. The animal was a predator – not very fast but extremely persevering – and followed up on its prey at night, chasing it down until it was exhausted so it could finally snatch it. Equipped with a superior set of teeth and a mouth which it could open up to 180 degrees, the animal showed no mercy for its prey.

The Tasmanian Tiger is said to be extinct on the Australian continent since the 1930s; the last species lived on the island of Tasmania. In 1966, a large sanctuary for animals had been opened so as to provide them with a retreat area, and to preserve the species in this way. Until today, no Tasmanian Tiger has any longer been sighted, but quite a few people believe that the animal has managed to survive in this sanctuary, having escaped discovery until today …

In this mythical legend, the specific attributes of the animal – will to survive, hunting instinct, perfect camouflage, cleverness, strength and perseverance – manifest itself. These attributes have prompted us to give our products the name Tasmanian Tiger


  • Everything from one source – proprietary manufacturing

Tasmanian Tiger is a brand of Tatonka GmbH. All products from the Tasmanian Tiger brand are fabricated from prototypes all the way to mass production by Mountech Co.Ltd., the company’s proprietary manufacturing facility in Vietnam. All work processes – from materials procurement and manufacturing to final quality control – are precisely defined and regularly inspected by independent auditors according to international standards. All products are inspected before they leave the facility. They also receive a serial number that is stored in a proprietary database.

The company’s first proprietary manufacturing facility was built in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in 1989. The factory was set up according to European production standards and the Vietnamese employees were trained accordingly. High social standards were a priority from the very beginning.

Capacity at the production facility has been continuously expanded and the factory has been gradually enlarged. Today Mountech Co. Ltd. manufactures products at two factories.


  • Fair production certified according to SA 8000

Since 2011, the Mountech Co.Ltd. production facilities have been certified based on the SA 8000 social standard, which attests to fair and socially acceptable working conditions.

SA8000 was initiated in 1987 by the non-profit organization SAI (Social Accountability International, based in New York). It allows companies with their own manufacturing locations to prove their social responsibility and currently holds them to the most extensive and comprehensive standards in the world. The standards are based on national laws, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and on working standards of the ILO (International Labour Organisation).




Foundation of Mountain Sport GmbH

by Winfried Schechinger


Building up of the first production facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Renaming of Mountain Sport GmbH to TATONKA GmbH


Establishment of a second production site in Ho Chi Minh City


Development of first products for military use


Introduction and registration of the TASMANIAN TIGER brand in Germany 


First presentation of TASMANIAN TIGER brand products at the IWA in Nuremberg, Germany


Worldwide registration of the TASMANIAN TIGER brand 


First consumer catalog


Development of the first Medic backpack


Introduction of the combat backpack TT Range Pack Plus with detachable carrying system for weapons transport 


Expansion of the combat vest collection


Launch of the TASMANIAN TIGER website 


Launch of the TT Police Bag for police task forces 


Launch of the TT Mission Bag


Launch of the TT Raid Pack


Introduction of the TT Combat Pack and the TT First Responder


Opening of the production facility in Binh Dinh 


First release of Multicam products


Use of 700d Cordura as first European supplier


Certification of the Vietnamese production facility according to the social standard SA8000 


Start of the OPEN FACTORY program 


Introduction of the TT Plate Carrier


First delivery of First Aid B backpacks to the German Bundeswehr


First product videos on own YouTube channel


Extensive expansion of modularity within the TT product range


Brand presentation on Instagram and Facebook 


30th anniversary of the Mountech Co. Ltd. production facility 


10th anniversary of the production facility in Binh Dinh


Introduction of products with IRR protection for night camouflage


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