Silence is a source of great strength

Blaser Integral Silencer

All R8 Silence models are equipped with an integral silencer (ISD). Their construction is holistically designed to protect the hearing of hunters and dogs. Always, with every shot. Thanks to the evenly distributed mass over the entire barrel, the R8 Silence models with integral silencer offer the familiar, first-class balance and ease of use that distinguishes every R8 model. The outer contour of the barrel and silencer jacket is made of titanium and designed in a stepless bull-barrel design, which gives the R8 Silence models both a low weight and a distinctly attractive overall appearance.

Within a fraction of a second all of the processes – which ensure recoil reduction and noise dampening – take place inside the silencer when the shot is fired. For example, with a barrel length of 42 cm (16.5“) in .308 Win, the projectile emerges from the muzzle at a velocity of 750 m/s. It passes through the complete length of the Integral Silencer in just 0.27 milliseconds.

Baffle design and geometry is at the heart of every silencer. It is largely responsible for reducing the recoil – and in combination with the large volume of the silencer – reducing the sound of the shot and protecting a hunter’s hearing. For the Blaser Integral Silencer (ISD), the geometry was optimized to the maximum diameter – while still maintaining the overall aesthetic of the rifle itself.

Blaser On-Barrel Silencer

The Blaser On-Barrel Silencer was developed especially for hunters and their specific requirements. The low-profile design is concentric on the barrel and even allows the hunter to use open sights in combination with the silencer. With its weight of 325 g (0.72 lb) the Blaser On-Barrel Silencer is one of the lightest silencers on the market. A special aluminium alloy in combination with titanium, results in maintaining high durability.

The magazine is located directly above the trigger unit which makes the R8 much shorter than conventional bolt action rifles while having the same length barrel. Experience the advantages of a rifle with a silencer without missing out on the familiar “pointability” found in a Blaser rifle. The benefits are clear; better rifle handling, less muzzle rise, increased muzzle velocity, less felt recoil, faster target re-acquisition, and tighter more consistent shot groups. Accuracy is final.

Blaser Over-Barrel Silencer

The Blaser Over-Barrel Silencer is the ideal solution when short overall length is required. The combination of a special aluminium alloy and steel ensures it is lightweight while still having a long service life. It should be considered that the Blaser Over-Barrel Silencer can only be mounted on barrels without open sights. For retrofitting a muzzle thread with cover, the front sight must be removed.



As a leading innovator, Blaser are a driving force in the international hunting weapons industry. The company’s 50 years of experience has sharpened its senses for sensible technological advances without losing sight of its ethical obligation. Blaser employees have the same enthusiasm for hunting, but also have a wide range of talents. This diversity in terms of personalities, perfect networking of skills and the joy of collaborative service are the company’s greatest success factors.

Blaser strives for excellence in every design and manufacturing step. But true perfection arises only with passion which gives its hunting firearms their character. Innovation coupled with sensitive design is Blaser’s formula for timeless weapon design.