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CP 10X32P & CP 3-12X32P

Compact design

Only 25.4cm length and less than 0.48 kg the CP is the perfect partner for compact and lightweight rifles.

Minimized Parallax error

With a 32mm objective lens the CP is able to minimise the effects of Parallax error. This means you have a scope that experiences very small shifts of impact as you change your head position or distance to target.

This means that you can leave the parallax fixed and shoot targets at different distances without experiencing a shift of point of impact, this is very helpful in many competitive shooting situations.

Parallax adjustment range is from 10 yards up to 500 yards to infinity.

Springer Rated

Field-tested by champion shooters for more than one year on springer rifle. It is a robust riflescope that is capable of use on centrefire rifles. 

Sleek Design

Extremely low-profile turret

All stainless steel extremely low-profile turret with 10 mrad of adjustment per turn. No obstruction of view even when night vision eyepiece is attached. 

What comes in the box:

2.5'' sunshade, Lens covers.

CX6 1-6X24i 

The CX6 line is designed and engineered specifically for tactical competition shooters. The first model of the CX6 line, CX6 1-6X24i, is built for 3 Gun competition shooters. Featuring a 120ft wide field of view at 1X, our optical design and precision assembly allows a flat field of view that shooters enjoys very much shooting both eyes open. The patent-pending reticle MS3 enables shooters a quick ranging feature with intuitive reading on magnification ring then ballistic compensation can be made in three different methods. Field test proven to be capable of accurate ranging out to 600 yards. Reticle is illuminated with maximum brightness against extreme daylight in desert, off position lies in between each brightness level for quick power on/off. 

VIE 1-6X24i 

The VIE line from Optisan is designed and engineered with rugged precision for hunters to take on every challenge. The VIE 1-6X24i is particularly ideal for close shot with dangerous game while at 6X it's enough to engage a mid-range precision deer shot out to 200 yards. Featuring a 120ft wide field of view at 1X, Optisan optical system design and precision assembly allow a flat field of view, hunters will enjoy very much shooting both eyes open. The G4Ai reticle leaves majority of the view clean enabling shooters a quick target engaging then finish the shot using the centre daylight bright red dot.

EVX 10X44i 

EVX 3-12X44i

EVX 4-16X44i

EVX 5-20X50i

EVX 6-24X56i

EVX 4-16X44F1

EVX 6-24X50F1

The EVX line is reengineered to top the generation I flagship Viper line first introduced back in 2006. The new Optisan EVX Line is designed and engineered for sub-MOA precision shooting and hunting and when field tested it held up to .308 and .300WM. The GEN II redesigned optical system has a 25 per cent larger field of view with a generous eyebox, which shooters will find handy when encountering quick target acquisition. The eye relief is from 3.7 inches and is consistent throughout the magnification range so the head position stays steady. Optisan is now offering the EVX range in both first and second focal plane. All EVX scopes now comes in mil/mil matching turret / reticule and a redesigned mil-hash reticle for long range holdover as well.

EVE 1-4X24i

EVE 3-12X44Pi

EVE 4-16X44Pi

EVE 2.5-10X50Pi

EVE 2.5-10X50i

EVE 3-12X56Pi

EVE 3-12X56i

The EVE line from Optisan is designed and engineered with rugged precision for hunters to take on every challenge. EVE 2.5-10X50i is an all-round hunting scope that gives the benefit of a huge field of view at 2.5X and precision shot placement at 10X. Comes with a simple clean German No.4 reticle that block minimal target possible enabling quick target acquisition and a fine aiming red dot, fine enough to allow precision shots up to 300 yards.

HX 3-9X40

HX 4-12X40

HX 4-12X40AO

The new HX line are Optisan’s new entry level scopes, redesigned to have a 25 per cent larger field of view than most existing 3-9X40 in the market. They are built as a family of simple, sturdy scopes, that hols most magnum centrefire calibres such as .270 Win .308, .30-06. Windage elevation adjustment comes with a no-tool-required finger resettable zero feature. Choice of reticle for non-AO HX scopes include: (a) standard duplex reticule and (b) BCR reticle (ballistic compensated reticle) both are good for most centerfire magnum calibres. Duplex for shooters looking for classic simple crosshair and BCR for precise holdover marks up to 500 yards. For rimfire / air rifle target shooters Optisan has HX 4-12X40AO ready with parallax free at 35 yards. Reticle comes in enhanced mildot reticle.


Designed and engineered for outdoor enthusiasts since 1998. Optisan co-develops its shooting systems with top shooters to withstand the rigors of the field, while excelling at the demands of competition. The company’s meticulous testing and constant improvements have won the approval of champion shooters around Europe.

Before it becomes part of your customer’s shooting system, each of the 90-150 components that will become your customer’s optic are subjected to more than 200 quality control points, all of which are done 100 per cent in-house.

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