IWA returns after 3 year wait


Exhibition in the constraints of a pandemic

"Exactly three years have passed since the last IWA OutdoorClassics 2019. In the meantime, the trade show has experienced some ups and downs. The lowest point was the cancellation in 2020 due to the corona pandemic," recalls Rebecca Renn, event manager of the IWA OutdoorClassics: "It was an experience we never had before and it cost us a massive amount of effort - but there was no alternative to the decision. The attempt to stage an IWA in September was also to fail as a result," says Renn. However, some positive experiences were also gained during the forced break: After the renewed cancellation of the IWA OutdoorClassics, it was possible to hold a unique infotainment event with the IWA Studio Edition in 2021 and thus send an important signal to the industry. Also successful was the premiere of the HUBANA Hunting Experience Days in September 2021 at the moated castle of Lembeck. Now the preparations for the return of the IWA OutdoorClassics are in the final stages: "At this point, I would also like to once again highlight the work of all those involved, who have been fighting for this event for three years and giving it a face. Despite all the setbacks, we have shown what we can achieve and are now ready to finally be able to demonstrate the results of this hard work at a presence trade show," says Renn, who is now looking forward to the big reunion.

Political discussions: IWA as mood barometer

"The political framework conditions are a challenge in 2022: ECHA, EU Firearms Regulation as well as the Firearms Ordinance and the evaluation of the German weapons law announced in the coalition agreement are just a few buzzwords in this context. This makes it all more important for the experts in our industry to meet at the IWA in Nuremberg, which acts as a barometer of the mood," emphasizes Peter Braß, representative of the interests of the VDB, Association of German Gunsmiths and Specialist Firearms Dealers.

European market for civilian firearms defies the pandemic

"The civilian firearms industry is booming," says the IWA team. This is the result of the current figures of the IEACS (European Institute of Hunting and Sporting Arms), which were published during the opening press conference of the IWA OutdoorClassic 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic and political backgrounds are cited as drivers for this.

"As a result, global production of civilian firearms has increased in recent years, as has European production, which recorded 3.6 million firearms produced in 2020, of which 2.7 million were pistols and 900,000 were shotguns and rifles. Compared to the previous year, this represents a 34 percent increase in European firearms production," said Nicola Perrotti, IEACS president.

NEW: The IWA Stage - The program in detail

Current trend topics from the industry and politics deserve an appropriate stage. The newly created IWA Stage, which can be found in Hall 6, combines networking and knowledge transfer: experts provide new impulses and present cutting-edge topics at the IWA Stage, such as current gun legislation, the handling of lead-free ammunition or Retail 4.0, which has grown strongly as a result of the pandemic. The Stage opens at noon on all 4 days of the show. Simultaneous translation will be available for selected presentations. Get an overview of all lecture offerings at


NEW: The Newcomer Area - International Innovations that Inspire

Young entrepreneurs and creative minds are the driving force for economic development. For the first time, IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 welcomes and promotes international start-ups and new exhibitors from all over the world for this reason. Together with the "Junge innovative Unternehmen" pavilion, the Newcomer Area forms the center for innovations, trends and new business connections. The special areas can be found in the transition between Halls 1 and 3C. All exhibitors and information on the Newcomer Area can be found at any time at 


Highlight: Michelin chef Valentin Rottner and the "wilde Wirt" Jonas Baumgärtner invite 

On Friday evening, the newly created GAME Lounge in the exhibition park will be transformed into a big cooking stage! Under the sign of game meat, the renowned chefs Jonas Baumgärtner and Valentin Rottner invite the participants of the IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 to a live cooking and subsequent tasting. A band will provide the necessary music accompaniment. Tickets for the live show cooking event including tasting are limited and available for 40 EUR per person here: https://www.messe-ticket.de/Nuernberg/IWAOutdoorClassics2022/Shop?culture=en

Safety Check: The Protective Measures at IWA OutdoorClassics 2022

The hygiene and access concept of IWA OutdoorClassics is based on the official regulations in Bavaria at the time of the event. 

Currently, the following rules apply: All participants are required to wear a mask on the premises (visitors must wear an FFP2 mask). In addition, visitors will be granted entry only upon presentation of proof of vaccination or recovery. For exhibitors and journalists, the presentation of a daily updated test is also a valid admission criterion (3G). All further information on the applicable measures on site can be found at