ISOtunes Secures Dunkin-Lewis Sales Group

ISOtunes, creator of some of the world’s most innovative outdoor hearing protection, has taken recent steps into the shooting sports market. The team at ISOtunes Sport has also entered an agreement with sales and distribution powerhouse Dunkin-Lewis.

The Dunkin-Lewis group will be responsible for driving sales of ISOtunes Sport products throughout the United States and abroad. Based in Alabama, the company has a long and successful history as manufacturers reps for some of the most well-known brands in hunting, sport shooting, fishing, and the outdoors.

A Haven Technologies brand, ISOtunes has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. “Partnering with a first-class group like Dunkin-Lewis makes sense for our team,” says Pete Murphy, president of ISOtunes. “We look forward to learning from them, relying on their expertise in the field, and continuing the growth of this innovative new product line.”

This ISOtunes Sport lineup of products has been developed to serve the specific needs of professional, competitive, and recreational shooters alike. With its extension into shooting sports, ISOtunes Sport brings some of the world’s most cutting-edge hearing protection technology into a field with consistently debilitating levels of volume and one that’s eager for technological advancements. Shooters will find features like Tactical Sound Control and SafeMax Technology alongside Bluetooth connectivity and hearing enhancement. This line was developed with feedback from some of the best shooters in the world.


ISOtunes is a family-built consumer safety brand, specializing in hearing protection with enhanced audio and communication technology. As a global industry leader, ISOtunes promises to provide safe and innovative products to those who work and play in loud environments. ISOtunes earplugs and earmuffs allow the hardest workers to listen to what they want, when they want, no matter their environment. As part of the ISOtunes Experience, customers are guaranteed superior quality, technology, and customer service with every brand interaction.