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More shot-calling precision. Less juggling devices. Whether your customers are setting their sights on a trophy or ringing steel out to 4000 yards, the Razor HD 4000 GB delivers all the range, ballistic, and environmental data they’ll need for absolute accuracy when opportunity happens.

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TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, the foremost manufacturer of innovative, made-in-the-USA crossbows and accessories, is excited to announce its partnership with Project Savior Outdoors

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The total economic impact of the firearm and ammunition industry in the United States increased to $80.73 billion in 2022 from $19.1 billion in 2008, a 322 percent increase, while the total number of full-time equivalent jobs rose to over 393,696 from approximately 166,000, a 136 percent increase in that same period, according to a report released by the NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association.

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Speer Ammunition was recently awarded the New York Police Department (NYPD) 9mm duty and training handgun ammunition contract for Speer 124-grain Gold Dot. 

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CZ-USA continues to build three compact 75-series pistol models at lower prices, each with a unique feature set tailored to individual shooting needs. All models are double-stack high-capacity 9mms and share a common magazine size. 

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SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the expansion of the SIG Professional Program (SPP) - offering discounted pricing on select SIG SAUER firearms to those who protect and serve our communities - to commercial Master and Elite dealers. 

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Sellmark, a leading brand in the outdoor industry, has set its sights on the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, hosted at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, April 14-16.

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The Home Secretary has announced that the police sector in England and Wales will receive a funding boost of up to £287m next year.

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Bollé Safety, world leader in PPE eye protection, announces the official launch of its customisation platform. Aimed at users and distributors, this new service allows users to customise the two best-sellers of the brand: the Rush+ and the Silex+. 

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As the premium supplier of professional military and police equipment, all Tasmanian Tiger products are made of the very best quality and with the best functionality. The comprehensive development work is always based on the users‘ specific needs and requirements.