Caesar Guerini’s “Revenant” opens up marketplace

Fine shotguns have always been the synthesis of art and function. Over the last 100 years some of the most iconic craftsmen have spent hundreds of hours hand sculpting steel, perfecting mechanical excellence and turning rare pieces of walnut into perfectly checkered stocks.  Master engravers dedicate weeks of labor to turn polished metal surfaces of a shotgun into masterworks of art. The end result is the highest form of artistry and craftsmanship in firearm manufacturing. 

As wonderful and fascinating as these firearms are, they are little more than an unapproachable luxury item that is out of reach for the average hunter. What if a company could use modern technology to make a shotgun that had the same qualities?  That is the concept behind the Revenant. 

“By the use of the most modern production technology and clever engineering we have created a shotgun that is one-fifth the price of shotguns featuring the same features made one at a time by hand,” says Alice Bertussi from Caesar Guerini.

Styled with excellence

The Revenant starts with a round body action famous for its graceful curves and ads radiused side plates to further enhance the lines of the action.  The fore-end is graced with a winged fore-end iron and inletted escutcheon surrounding the push-button release, both the hallmarks of the highest quality shotguns.  A long trigger guard blends into a swept back pistol grip to make the profile of the Revenant what can best be described as “racy”. 

“To further the goal of making an extraordinary firearm, we turned to a world leader in fine engraving Bottega Cesare Giovanelli and their Director and Master engraver Dario Cortini,” continues Alice.

“His vision was to create a new and original motif for the Revenant utilizing organic forms instead of a common variation on scroll.  To this end he drew a design of maple leaves and branches that are both elegant and evoke a hunting theme.”

Lots of choice

Caesar Guerini first introduced the hunting version, in 20 and 28 gauge as well as 20/28 Combo sets. With a choice of straight or pistol grip stock extra deluxe grade, with a walnut butt plate, and a single trigger, either selective or non-selective. Barrel lengths are 26 28 or 30 inches, with tapered top rib and solid side ribs, flush-mounted screw chokes and a single steel front bead. Five chokes come with the gun: Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full along with a choke wrench.

“Following the strong demand to have the gun in competition version too, this year our passionate’ s customers can have also the Revenant in Sporting version in 20 and 28 gauge,” says Alice. 

Available barrel lengths for this version are 30 and 32 inches, the 10x8 flat top rib has a metal mid bead and white bead at the muzzle. The single selective trigger can be moved back and forth. It features an extra deluxe grade of Turkish walnut complimented by a hand rubbed oil finish with rubber pad and eight Selectachoke Competition chokes (Full, Light Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Light Modified, Improved Cylinder, Skeet, Cylinder) along with their wrench. 

Both, hunting and sporting models are delivered in an ABS and leather airline-approved lockable case with wood-grain exterior, the cloth sheaths are included.


Hunting is among the oldest of all men’s activities. Its “tools” along with its purposes have evolved and have been refined over time, becoming modern firearms that combine technical and aesthetic features with performance and beauty.

Today, the market offers firearms of all types but most, despite being effective, are neither aesthetically pleasing nor distinctive.

However, efficiency is no longer enough for those outdoorsmen who consider hunting as an art form and not just the harvesting of game.

These discerning hunters also see their firearms as an extension of that art form.

Caesar Guerini has always strived to combine outstanding reliability and performance with classic elegance in its firearms, becoming the perfect link between hunters and prey.

Caesar Guerini’s wide range of products has been created for a refined and demanding public who want firearms with impeccable mechanisms, excellent ballistic performance, easy and safe handling features and exacting attention to detail.

Prestigious shotguns whose features have been studied with almost maniacal precision and have been gauged to their use. 

Caesar Guerini says that using one of its shotguns means using a gun suitable for all hunting or competition situations and one which always performs to the highest expectations of the most demanding hunter or target shooter