The Airgun Sporting Association: An Introduction

The Airgun Sporting Association was formed in 2018 as a non-profit business league (trade organization).  The Internal Revenue Service certified the Association as a 501(c)(6) Trade Organization on August 13, 2018.  The primary membership of the Association includes all of the U.S. based airgun manufacturers and importers.  Other membership categories include manufacturers and importers of airgun accessories and ammunition; airgun retailers; and airgun professionals and enthusiasts.

The overall mission of the Association is to market, promote and serve individuals and companies and corporations involved in the manufacturer, importation, wholesale and retail sales and distribution of airguns and related hunting and airgun sprot shooting equipment, products, goods and services.

To that end, the Association’s primary area of focus has been to expand airgun hunting opportunities, with an emphasis on big-bore airgun hunting of big game.  Since 2018, the list of states that allow the use of airguns to hunt big game has grown from 12 and now includes 25 states – with one or two more expected soon.  While the Association’s interest has been on expanding hunting opportunities, the organization is also working to be a source of information about the airgun industry and works with a variety of other organizations and government entities that might impact the airgun industry.

Legalizing airguns for hunting begins with state wildlife agencies.  The Association works with each of the states to better educate their leadership teams on the effectiveness of airguns as an ethical method of taking a deer, elk, moose, bison or other large game animals.  The Association often assists state wildlife agencies in clarifying their regulations related to airgun hunting – including, small game, big game and other species (nuisance or exotic).

The Association is the industry’s representative on the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) – Non-Powdered Gun Committee.  In this capacity, the Association advocates for the airgun industry on all issues that may impact the industry. 

The Association also tracks state and federal legislative activities that may impact the airgun industry.

Please reach out to Mitch King, President of the Association (303-585-0377 or [email protected]) with any questions related to the airgun industry.

About the Airgun Sporting Association

The Airgun Sporting Association is the federally registered trade organization of the airgun industry with membership that covers the major U.S. based airgun manufacturers and importers, as well as airgun manufacturer suppliers, airgun retailers, airgun professionals and airgun enthusiasts.  The Association’s primary mission is to assist in the growth of the industry in the U.S.  The focus of the Association is working with state wildlife agencies to expand airgun hunting opportunities.  The Association also supports recreational airgun shooting and recruitment activities under the ASAplus brand.  For information about the Airguns Sporting Association, please visit