Usability at the fore with Night Pearl’s Marten

The design and functions of this riflescope meets the long-standing habits of hunters and brings your customers the benefits associated with the latest thermal imaging technology.

The modern technologies incorporated into the Marten series not only concern the latest thermal imaging sensor and a high-quality display - these riflescopes offer many improvements to the imaging capabilities of the display, and mainly thanks to them, the maximum possible quality of the captured image can be obtained from the thermal imaging sensor. There is a ballistics setting, which can be precisely combined with the Marten riflescope, the weapon and the ammunition used into one compact unit. There are also lots of options to choose from regarding the type of reticle that your customers are most used to from their classic daytime riflescope.


Key features

ADIE - Advanced detailed image enhancer. Special image processing algorithm that is aimed for providing the most detailed image of the animal, even in the most challenging conditions

Total zoom up to 22,4x (Marten 650), that enables long distance observation, yet preserving image quality. This function is extremely useful for long range shoots in the fields of UK. 

QBRA - Quick Ballistic Reticle Adjustment enables shooter to quickly change preset zeroing distances to react quickly to the distance changes. 

PAOS - Preset Adjustment Observing Scene.  Three different preset scene modes to match different environment for the best image quality.  

RBA - Reticle Brightness Adjustment. Marten series has 10 different reticles with six different colour options for each one (black /white / yellow / green / blue / red.). 

Personal configuration: Possibility to save up to 10 individual parameter settings. It is possible to save zeroing for different rifles and/or ammunition, reticle type, reticle colour and reticle brightness.

Auto Stand-by: The Auto Stand-by time can be set to 5/10/15 min. If there is no operation within the set time, the sleep state will be enables.

Automatic power-off: The automatic power-off time can be set to 15/30/60 minutes. If there is no button operation at the set time, the power-off will be enabled, and the power-off will be completed.



The company Zahori Trade was founded back in the year 2000 with focus on the hunting market, supplying of its own products as well as distributing other well-known brands. Since 2007 the company has extended its specialization into night vision products and thermal imagining devices.  

In 2009, Zahori Trade created its own brand, Night Pearl, with the goal to serve the needs of Czech and Slovak users. Night Pearl has fast gained popularity over the years in the Czech and Slovak hunting markets and now the company is ready to go global.

The tradition of Night Pearl is to test all new devices in extreme nature situations, conducted by the owner, Miroslav Rudel and the developing team. 

Night Pearl is using carefully selected components that offer the best characteristics for game observation.