Twenty Years of Excellence

For 20 years the Magnum Research BFR has represented the finest quality single-action revolver on the market. The BFR combines expert craftsmanship with precision engineering, delivering unrivalled accuracy and strength. It is without question the pinnacle of revolver design. Each hand crafted 20th Anniversary BFR is part of a limited series, with only 20 pistols to ever be produced. Staying true to its roots, this custom gun is based on a .45-70 Government long frame model, the first production calibre. A full Octagon barrel is added with a custom E-Rod Housing and basepin. Plow style white polymer grips are hand fitted for a great look and feel. Exterior surfaces are engraved with elegant scrollwork by the artists at Tyler Gun Works. The 20th Anniversary BFR is truly a unique and timeless work of art. Each pistol ships in a beautiful wood case, and a signed letter of authenticity. 

Joby Georges, Director of Manufacturing and Engineering for Magnum Research, was proud to say that the “The 20th Anniversary BFR honours the craftsmen who make each gun a personal expression of art and skill. It is without a doubt the most beautiful example of the Biggest Finest Revolver yet made.” 

The Biggest Finest Revolver

Magnum Research’s BFR is truly the Biggest, Finest Revolver on the market today. Like the legendary Desert Eagle pistol, it is designed to be a magnum from the ground up. Every BFR is manufactured entirely in the United States of super strong stainless steel. It features a precision grade barrel delivering unmatched accuracy with lead or jacketed bullets. Of course, the BFR is the most powerful production single action pistol made. With 10 calibre’s and two frame sizes to choose from, it can be used to take every kind of game imaginable. From grouse to grizzly, no matter what you are stalking, the BFR is the perfect magnum for the field. Choose your chambering and frame size, then have your favourite gun dealer locate the right BFR for you. 

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