Syren - no more compromises

It was the year 2014 when Caesar Guerini and Fabarm, led by the initiative of American partner Wesley Lang, president of Caesar Guerini USA and Fabarm USA, announced a collaborative venture to create the first ever brand of shotgun and accessories dedicated to female shooters: the SYREN’s brand was born.

It has been the first venture to purely focus on designing shotguns for women’s unique needs. To actually have an elegant line of shotguns designed for all woman shooters, not simply a male or youth model that has been altered, it has been a turning point in the industry.  

The line developed at Caesar Guerini concentrates on over-and-under shotguns with an emphasis on weight, recoil reduction, stock dimensions, and esthetics. Each product is given all the consideration that goes into creating products for the male market.  

The first task is to the make the guns fit properly: women are built differently than men, with those “differences” never having been seriously addressed by any firearms company, until a few years ago.  Specialized stock dimensions to fit the female anatomy with smaller pistol grips and Monte Carlo style stocks are utilized.  Almost every dimension of the stock differs from the traditional male oriented models.  The roses laser cut in the wood on each side of the top tang for the hunting models and, for the competition models, onto the just below of the pistol the Syren logo distinguish further the ladies’ stocks.

“At Syren, we are driven to help more women become involved,” a company spokesperson said. “We are obsessed with breaking down the traditional barriers to participation in shooting, hunting and the great outdoors. Our goal is to provide the equipment and knowledge that make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.”

Reduced weight & bulk

Sometimes heavy and bulky target guns can be an issue, so the overall weight and balance has been calibrated to make the firearm easy to handle. When reducing weight, the recoil must be considered. This has been addressed resulting in a more comfortable shooting experience. The last, yet equally important feature is the cosmetic attributes of the firearm. Everyone wants an attractive shotgun with beautiful wood and detailed engraving, that is why special attention has been given to make each model as elegant and distinctive as possible – you won’t find any pink paint here.  

Tempio Syren

The Tempio Syren has been the first model introduced by Caesar Guerini, a traditional and elegant gun. The non-side plated action features a classic scroll and bouquet design, with roses tastefully highlighted in gold. During the years with the Tempio Syren action Caesar Guerini developed a complete line, for hunting, sporting and trap.

The gun features a semi-deluxe grade of Turkish walnut complimented by a hand rubbed oil finish providing a lustrous glow to the wood.

The sporting clays over-and-under models are offered in twelve and twenty gauge. The hunting models are offered in both standard and light weight versions in twelve, twenty and twenty-eight gauge.

Julia Syren

Recently Caesar Guerini introduced the Julia Syren, the name of this model brings customers back to the splendor of the Roman Empire. Julia, daughter of Julius Caesar, is believed to have possessed remarkable elegance and personal charms, that’s why, to celebrate a woman’s charisma Caesar Guerini decided to give her name to its new over and under.

Aesthetically the side plate action elongates the lines of the shotgun, offering a graceful appearance.

A contemporary, detailed and unique motif, with gold and coloured engravings, it was designed and realized by Dario Cortini, Master Engraver at Bottega Giovanelli.

The stock is crafted from a deluxe grade of Turkish Walnut with a semi-gloss oil finish to bring out the beauty of the wood. Julia is available in a 12-gauge model.

The sporting clays model is offered with 28” or 30” barrels, it includes a long list of performance features that make it a serious competition capable firearm. Featuresinclude specialized stock dimensions to fit the female anatomy with different pitch, smaller pistol grips and Monte Carlo style comb; the barrels feature the bore geometry called “Maxisbore” that combined with the 5” forcing cone between chambers and bore called “DueCon” allow to reduce recoil and increase ballistic performance. The trigger is adjustable for length-of-reach to allow the ladies to dial in their perfect grip-to-trigger distance. A shotgun that is as beautiful as it is functional, appropriate for the world-class competitor as it is for the novice.

Julia Syren is also available in a hunting version with steel receiver and options of 26”, 28” or 30” barrels.


As well as guns for women a line of accessories more closely aligned with what women want out of the gear they take to the shooting range is also available. It includes high quality materials, elegant design with the feminine touch are behind all of the the Syren branded accessories.