Swarovski Optik enters the world of thermal imaging

Ready for a new kind of hunting? Swarovski Optik WAROVSKI OPTIK is unveiling its first thermal imaging equipment with the new ‘t’ product series. The first thermal imaging product from the world-leading sports optics manufacturer, the tM 35 is an observation and thermal imaging clip-on device in one. It allows respectful observation as well as reliable identification of the target both day and night, and impresses with outstanding SWAROVSKI OPTIK quality. The tM 35 will be available from selected European retailers in spring 2022. 

SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s great capacity for innovation has been a fundamental pillar of the company’s success for decades. New products deliver top quality and the technical precision to ideally meet the requirements of today’s hunters. They provide reliable support for sustainable and ethical hunting. The new tM 35 also follows this principle. Marketing Director Stefan Hämmerle is convinced: “This is the right time for us to enter this market. Thermal imaging technology has now reached the required level of maturity. In combination with our optical and mechanical know-how, this allows us to develop an innovative and absolutely top-quality product.” 


One of the key features of the tM 35 is the fact that it is an observation and thermal imaging clip-on device in one. Detect, observe, approach, shoot: equipped with cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, the device is suitable for hunting in twilight, at night, or in poor visibility. As an observation device, the tM 35 offers 4 x 35 magnification. Higher detail recognition can be achieved in different situations by switching between White Hot and Black Hot modes. 


The tM 35 is compatible with almost all SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scopes from the Z8i, Z6i, Z5(i), and Z3 series. As a thermal imaging clip-on device with 1x optical magnification, in combination with SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scopes it guarantees a 100% reliable point of impact. The tMA thermal monocular adapter is available as an optional accessory to ensure a perfect connection. The result is a reliable complete system that requires no sighting in. 


The fewer operations the hunter needs to perform, the greater the chances of hunting success. Intuitive operation was therefore a key focus in the product development process: simply press the button to activate the device for the entire hunting session. The intelligent SWAROLIGHT automatic switch-on/off timer allows the user to activate the thermal imaging device quickly and silently from sleep mode. Adjustment of the brightness on the display to the prevailing light conditions is also automatic. All these features reduce distracting movements to a minimum.