Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest

Innovative Swedish company Easyhit has been helping shotgun users shoot faster and more accurately for years, Gun Trade World looks at why this simple idea is a win win for the end user and the trade.

The EasyHit PXS 1000 is a combination red dot/fiber optic sight designed for use with shotguns - the concept is simple.  

The fiber optic light pipe located on the rear of the sight collects ambient light, then the coating on the front lens reflects an illuminated reticle.  No electronics, no batteries, no moving parts.  

What makes the EasyHit PXS 1000 so unique is that is functions exactly like a red dot or a reflex sight, yet it's specifically designed for shotgun use, where quick target acquisition and accuracy is paramount. Your customers will get on target faster and more accurately than they would with a bead or scope. 

How is this possible?

To understand how the PXS 1000 works, you first need to understand the concepts behind how the optical elements work. On shotguns with front and rear beads, both beads have to be perfectly aligned for your shot to be true.  Any deviation to the left, right, up, or down will cause your shot to be slightly off, and with that comes an increased chance of missing your target - whether that target be a clay or game bird. On shoguns with a magnified scope, the situation is similar; your eye has to be at the correct distance from the eyepiece, and perfectly aligned so that your sight picture isn't black around the edges.  

The EasyHit PXS 1000 eliminates these problems, because it only has one non-magnified lens element. Like a red dot or reflex sight, there is absolutely no eye relief or exit pupil. 

What does this mean?  

It means that as long as you can see the reticle on the lens, that is where your shot is going to land.  Whether it's off to the side, up, or down, the reticle represents a kill shot. Shoulder the gun, keep both eyes open, and pull the trigger.

This is the same reason why law enforcement and military use red dot sights. It makes the process of acquiring and maintaining a target almost second nature.  Studies show, it just works.

Kurt Persson, the man behind the Easy Hit PXS 1000, is retiring and is looking to sell his company. If you are interested in owning this innovative product and company please contact:

EasyHit AB

Kurt Persson

[email protected]