Reximex ready for growth

Reximex, founded in 2015, is a young company driven by the next generation of airgun experts, with an average age of 30-32, this young group with fresh and innovative ideas is key to the company’s success. 

Reximex is one of the rising stars in the airgun sector and with an 8,000 square foot factory in Beyşehir, Konya, the company certainly means business. With a growing product range of top performing products, Reximex should be a name on every airgun stockist’s lips. 

The company employs 110 members of staff, “…we have created a nice harmony between experienced workers and creative young workers,” says Reximex Export Specialist, Hasan Yücel Özçelik 

All of the Reximex range of products are designed and manufactured by the company’s own R&D team. Reximex invests heavily into its R&D line-up and looks at this as a key to future growth.