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Wiley X aims to Captivate new sales

For over 30 years, Wiley X has committed to the uncompromising pursuit to develop and design the most innovative and durable eyewear worldwide. This relentless desire to push the boundaries of technology to protect militaries, first responder, and outdoor enthusiasts has led it to its newest lens technology, CAPTIVATE.

The new innovative, proprietary and patented CAPTIVATE polarised lens technology from Wiley X meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard for high mass impact, high velocity impact and optical clarity as well as the European EN 166 safety standard.

Which means these lenses continue to perform as they traditionally have but with the additional benefit of colour and contrast enhancement.

The science behind the CAPTIVATE lens technology is multifaceted – the human eye is unable to see the entire light spectrum because it has trouble distinguishing where light wavelengths merge; blue with green and green with red. CAPTIVATE lenses filter out the confusing light, which helps increase clarity and definition with vibrant contrast and vivid detail.

Colour enhancing lens performance is not new to the eyewear industry but the research and diligence put into CAPTIVATE over the last ten years has produced a lens technology that outperforms the competition.

For a company that’s rooted in protecting the military and first responders, the most important aspect of Wiley X eyewear is that its frames and lenses meet the highest military and occupational safety standards.

The second significant benefit of CAPTIVATE lenses is that they can be worn while participating in a wide variety of activities and outdoor environments. You would think that this is a given but other companies’ colour enhancing lenses are designed only for specific sports, limiting their usefulness.

By not restricting lens performance to a specific activity, Wiley X's CAPTIVATE lens technology provides all users maximum protection and optical performance across all of their favourite activities, regardless of light and weather conditions.


In comparison to industry standard lenses, CAPTIVATE also provides enhanced clarity, definition, depth perception and 100 per cent UV/HEV protection.

To accomplish this, Wiley X engineered CAPTIVATE lenses to allow beneficial blue light into the user’s eyes while blocking the harmful blue light. This is critical to maintain the body's Circadian biological rhythm and the sleep/wake cycle; improving alertness, mood, and memory, all while reducing the risk of damage to retinal cells, helping prevent age-related macular degeneration. It’s one thing to have superior impact protection and optical clarity but it’s another to have eyewear that can help promote healthy living.

To ensure all activities, environments and user’s sensitivities are accounted for, CAPTIVATE lenses come in a myriad of tints; Red Mirror/Grey Base, Green Mirror/Copper Base, Platinum Flash Mirror/Green Base, Blue Mirror/Grey Base, Rose Gold Mirror/Green Base and a Non-Mirror Grey, making it stress-free for someone to find the perfect pair of eyewear.

Furthermore, all CAPTIVATE models are polarised, which means that they will eliminate glare from reflective surfaces, making them an ideal choice for people who love to engage in water or snow activities.

Pushed to the limits

Wiley X prides itself on the toughness and durability of its glasses but, with CAPTIVATE, it again pushes the limits. By applying an enhanced oleophobic coating, the lenses have a smoother surface that prevents dust, dirt, oil, snow and water from sticking to the lens, making them easier to clean than industry standards lenses.

CAPTIVATE lenses also come with a proprietary hard coat that achieves a Bayer 7 rating for scratch and abrasion resistance, which clearly illustrates how durable the lens surface performs. To put the Bayer 7 rating into perspective, the eyewear industry considers a rating of 4 to be equal to a premium coating. Designing stunning, high contrast lens tints and mirrors are one aspect but ensuring that they’re built to last is a full performance package.

With the introduction of CAPTIVATE, Wiley X is releasing all-new models, including alternative fit, and a brand-new line of women’s styles.

CAPTIVATE will also be available in some of its most popular and trusted styles, such as the WX Boss, WX Gravity and WX Compass. Not to be left out, prescription wearers will have access to all CAPTIVATE lens tints in numerous WX frames. By expanding its lines, Wiley X is allowing everyone to enjoy premium protection with colour enhanced vision.


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