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Waffen Ferkinghoff now operates as Ferkinghoff International

German wholesaler and importer of American brands, firearms and accessories, Waffen Ferkinghoff, is changing its company name to Ferkinghoff International GmbH& Co. KG.

The entire service portfolio of the company is bundled under the new name and takes the success story of Waffen Ferkinghoff into account, which began three decades ago.

“Ferkinghoff has grown into a brand over the years. With our new name, we do justice to the steady growth and increasing internationalization of our company history,” emphasises Andrea Ferkinghoff, the spokesperson for the management. “This step offers real opportunities - both for our customers and partners as well as for our employees.”

Competitive shooters and hunters can look forward to many new and exciting products from the US for this year. New triggers from CMC for the AR-15 and Glock platform will be added to the web store in the very near future. Additionally, there will be a plethora of new high-quality optics coming from Trijicon. Kimber is adding a brand new 4in version of the popular K6S revolver, alongsode new 1911 models like the RAPIDE (Black Ice).


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