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View from a Manufacturer: Ramon Fito, Senior Product Manager, Gamo

“The global industry of airguns continues to grow as we fight with the first enemy “the law”. If the law changes in one country the sales decrease and force is needed to increase sales, if you need some special permit it’s more difficult for the end user to buy your products. Also, more and more brands are arriving in this market, this is the first signal that the market is growing.

The big, strong area today is the PCP world, because the end consumer likes the maximum commodities to shoot. Also, it is important in the countries where it is legal to hunt, the airgun market is growing here too. In some States in the US it is now legal to hunt with big bore airguns. The competition in the PCP marketplace is growing too, not only competition with airguns in Olympics events such as the 10 metes rifle and pistol, others modalities arrived with very strong force - field target, bench rest at 25 m, extreme bench rest at 50, 75 and 100m, f-class air, silhouettes etc. This style of competition is a big success because it is cheaper. I explain cheaper: The equipment (rifle, scope, rest) is not cheaper, but the ammunition is a lot cheaper than other sectors. The end user can shoot a lot with not a huge investment in ammunition, also if they use a premium brand of pellets it is very cheap if you compare with and box of 22LR or a box of .308 premium brand.

“The airgun is perfect for training and play with the wind or play with your body to manage stress -it is perfect for beginners.”

Key product

“With the 10X concept our mentality is to make something different to our competitors,” says Ramon.” “… and with the technology included within the 10x quick shot we have accomplished this.

“In 2017 we launched the first 10x in the market with Replay 10x and the family grew with the addition of another three models. This year we launch the 10x GEN2 with a Roadster model, and the idea for 2020 is to have a complete collection of 10x air rifles with technology 10x and 10x GEN2.

“When GAMO launched its 10x technology to the market, the world’s first ten-shot break barrel air rifle, we created a new category of air gun rifles, which brings together the best of two worlds. Beak barrel + multi-shot= maximum comfort. GAMO believes in this new category and launches new models with 10x technology because it offers consumers maximum fun, they have ten shot, zero reloads!”

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