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Triebel begins partnership with Hammer Pair

German manufacturer Triebel has begun a cooperation with Hammer Pair as official dealer of its reloading dies program for customers in the UK. 

“Now UK clients will have a solid and competent local partner in questions of premium reloading dies,” says Michael Triebel, head of administration at Triebel.

“Hammer Pair is focused on long range but will also provide our dies in any other rifle caliber. They are experts in long range business and will not just supply premium equipment but also provide consulting to choose the perfect items for customer’s needs.

“No matter, what Brexit will mean for import / export of gun related equipment, we will handle this together with Hammer Pair for our clients.”

Hammer Pair Performance is dedicated to the pursuit of precision marksmanship.

Owned and run by active shooters its mission is to provide the best equipment available on the market today having been used in real world conditions.

Formed over eight years ago in the UK its customers are civilian, military and police. Be it improving civilian marksmanship or battlefield lethality Hammer Pair looks to provide enhanced, durable and innovative solutions.

“Hammer Pair will store in future the most important dies to be able to react quickly to UK customer needs,” continues Michael. “Also, we have direct communication to realize orders of items that are not in stock at Hammer Pair and spare parts and additional service for our reloading tools will be available.”



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