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Thermal binoculars Accolade 2 LRF XP50 – Next level of Thermal imaging

Yukon Advanced Optics worldwide, European developer and manufacturer of daytime, night vision and thermal optics is coming out with upgraded version of the established series of thermal binoculars - Accolade LRF 2 xp50

The biggest upgrade to the new Accolade is the innovative highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor.

Starting from 2020 ULIS begins manufacturing microbolometers with NETD lower than 40 mK exclusively for Pulsar.

These new, highly sensitive thermal imaging sensors ensure perfect detail recognition even during rainfall, fog or cold mornings. These conditions have very low thermal contrast and are most challenging to any thermal spotter.

Combined with new sensor, the Image Boost technology offers unprecedented image clarity and overall high image detail. Image boost is a proprietary combination of software algorithms that makes picture look sharper and more detailed enabling better object identification capabilities.

The new Accolade LRF, offers a set of impressive features:

o Large Detection Range up to 1800 meters in Full Darkness.

o Image Detail Boost Technology

o Built-in Precise Laser Rangefinder

o High Resolution 640x480 @ 17 µm Thermal Imaging Sensor

o Quick-change Rechargeable Batteries

o Built-in Photo and Video recorder

o Wi-Fi. Integration with IOS and Android Devices

o Full-Color, AMOLED Display

o 8 Color Palettes.

o Picture in Picture function.

o 4 Observation Modes

o IPX7 Fully Waterproof





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