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As Europe is moving towards a phased transition away from lead shot for hunting as well as clay shooting, steel shot ammo will become one of the main non-toxic alternatives. This creates challenges for shotgun manufacturers as steel is far less malleable than lead. When shooting steel shot pressure levels can rise well above lead shot pressure levels. Next, there are already C.I.P. regulations in place establishing modified choke tubes as a limit for steel shot use. Fabarm, one of the biggest shotgun manufacturers in Italy, is ready to meet the steel shot challenge head on. Their Tribore HP system, a barrel and choke combination found in all their current models, will tackle even the toughest steel shot loads, improve shot speed and patterns while also reducing recoil.


Developed and patented by Fabarm in 1999, and updated in 2005, their Tribore HP barrels feature a unique bore profile where a long conical section slowly reduces the bore from 18,70 to 18,40mm in combination with a longer than usual forcing cone. Not only does this barrel profile increase pellet speed, it also reduces recoil. What’s more, instead of cold forging their barrels - which is the accepted industry standard - Fabarm deep drills their barrels from solid bars of steel. This production process is much more costly than cold forging yet is so desirable because it doesn’t generate any stress or tension into the steel and optimises the materials elasticity, creating perfectly straight barrels.


Fabarm’s interchangeable chokes, part of the TriBore HP system, are a lot longer than normal at 0.82mm and feature a hyperbolic tube profile. Unlike regular, shorter chokes with a conical tube profile, these long HP chokes don’t really ‘choke’ the shot in one go. They actually guide them more gently to avoid compressive stress on the steel pellets. According to Fabarm, they are the only manufacturer to date offering the possibility to confidently shoot steel shot ammo in all choke tubes with a higher constriction than modified, up to and including full choke.


Whereas the industry standard for shotgun pressure proof testing is 1320 BAR, Fabarm is the only company which has established a higher pressure level test with the C.I.P. proof house of Gardone Val Trompia. All Tribore HP shotguns are proofed at an overpressure level of 1630 BAR. So even when shooting steel shot ammo superseding the C.I.P. maximum pressure regulations, Fabarm claims you can feel 100% confident and safe using one of their 1630 BAR tested shotguns.

Fabarm insists their TriBore HP system and hyperbolic choke tubes get the best out of steel shot ammo, including better shot patterns, improved velocity and reduced recoil, as well as remaining safe from high pressure levels. In areas where it is already required to shoot steel shot, it’s no surprise Fabarm really shines.

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