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Spectra Riflescopes Raise the Bar for GPO

German Precision Optics, like most companies, has had to navigate through a strange and challenging 2020. Due to COVID-19 and restrictions to social gatherings, traditional events and fairs like IWA were canceled and most if not all regional events and game fairs were put off until next year. So, when a company wants to launch nearly 20 new riflescope models without the luxury of in-person presentations and events they must be creative and that is exactly where GPO thrives.

Despite hiccups and unexpected occurrences, the company has been delivering certain Spectra models since the summer and will deliver all planned models by the end of the year.

“Spectra series riflescopes are key to the future success and growth of GPO, not only in Europe but across the globe” stated Richard Schmidt, founder and owner of GPO, who previously led Zeiss Sports Optics from 2010-2014.

With models aimed to offer more versatility and performance amongst a wide range of prices, the Spectra series from GPO have gained huge momentum and interest in major markets such as Sweden, England, Italy and Finland amongst others.

All Spectra series scopes are based on 30mm main tube diameters and feature a varied selection of illuminated reticles, ranging from the traditional G4i to the clever and effective new BRi for precision shot placement at extended distances. Magnification ranges go from 4x all the way to 8x, where GPO offers one of the widest selections of 6x + 8x zoom scopes on the market today. In addition, all Spectra models have large turrets (capped and uncapped) with an easy zero reset as well as quick throw-lever on the magnification ring (select models).

As with all GPO products, the company ensures top-level quality by performing 100 per cent inspection of all Spectra riflescopes in Germany prior to delivery. That quality control has become a benchmark of the young company for building and maintaining a reliable and dependable product portfolio. For a small company like GPO this means that everyone is involved and “gets their hands dirty” in the QA process.

From reticle control, to electronic assembly testing to more manual processes such as magnification ring torque and parallax control, each critical aspect is checked to ensure proper functionality prior to delivery.

The full range of Spectra riflescopes from GPO range are available in various reticle and focal plane configurations.

SPECTRA 4x 2.5-10x44 SPECTRA 6x 1-6x24i SPECTRA 8x 1-8x24i

SPECTRA 4x 2.5-10x44i SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32i SPECTRA 8x 2-16x44i

SEPCTRA 4x 4-16x44 SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x44i SPECTRA 8x 2.5-20x50i

SPECTRA 4x 4-16x50i SPECTRA 6x 2-12x44i

SPECTRA 6x 2-12x50i

SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56i SPECTRA 6x 3-18x56i



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