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SAR USA Introduces New SAR9 Optics-Ready Pistol

SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the SAR9 family, the SAR9 optics-ready semi-automatic pistol. The optics-ready SAR9 is the same platform that is proudly carried by Nato forces and elite forces around the world.

“There are more first-time buyers of handguns than ever before, and the trend seems to be for pistol mounted optics,” said Todd Pearson, COO SAR USA. “With an overwhelming response to the SAR9, which is likely the most rigorously tested firearm on the planet, this is the perfect platform to launch our first optics-ready pistol. The new optics-ready SAR9 aids these first-time shooters in quick target acquisition, which makes finding the bullseye an easy task.”

Reflex optics on the SAR9 allows users to maintain focus on the red dot of their optic with a clear sight picture. Allowing for improved accuracy, quicker target acquisition and versatility. Optic-ready pistols are also popular in competitive shooting and are becoming increasingly popular for home defense and sport shooting.

The SAR9 striker-fired optic-ready pistol features a 4.5" hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown for increased accuracy, optic-ready mount, interchangeable backstrap and side plates, black oxide slide, and comes standard with 17 and 19 round magazines with a 10-round option for capacity restricted states. The lightweight polymer framed, striker-fired 9mm SAR9 is a pleasure to shoot. With a choice of three insertable back straps to customize fit, a low barrel axis-to-grip ratio to lessen muzzle climb and 20-degree grip angle providing superior control and fast second shot recovery… the accuracy is built in. Couple these features with a safety trigger that is smoother than a double action revolver and the SAR9 becomes the perfect carry-pistol when you want a round in the chamber. All SAR pistols have a live round indicator.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm x 19 Overall Length: 7.5”

Operating System: Striker-Fired Barrel Length: 4.4”

Magazine Capacity: 10/17/19 Width: 1.4”

Case Discharge: Right side Height: 5.5”

Weight: 27.8 oz.


SAR USA is the exclusive importer of Sarsilmaz Arms. Founded in 1880 in Istanbul, Turkey, Sarsilmaz produces firearms for 78 nations from its over 1-million square foot, state-of-the-art facilities that have raised the bar for the standard in quality control for firearms manufacturing. It produces arms for NATO and many militaries worldwide. Now it is offering select firearms to the American market via SAR USA.



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