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Racing for profit

Since its establishment in 1971, Italian-based F.A.I.R. has specialised in the manufacture of functional and highly reliable sports and hunting shotguns. Its latest creation, the Racing Sporting 20 gauge is sure to sell well in many different countries across the globe.

Purchasers of F.A.I.R. shotguns are hunters or sports shooters who not only want their shotgun to look great but also demand a technically advanced and highly reliable product, enabling them to ensure the best chance of success.

While following in the tradition of centuries-old Italian gun manufacturing, F.A.I.R. has always focused on applying the latest state-of-the-art mechanical and technical innovation of the international shotgun industry to its production process.

F.A.I.R.’s mechanical bodies are designed and developed following extensive R&D, in partnership with its clients across the globe. This enables the company to offer a wide range of exclusive sporting guns, attuned to the requirements of different hunting and competition disciplines. Special steels and exclusive mechanics are the strong points of F.A.I.R. Racing shotguns.

The solid locking system, large lug, careful hand-finishing and extremely accurate set-up are the finest features a shotgun should have to assure top-quality performance.

The configurations are all produced with a protruding action profile in both 12 and 20 gauge, with attractive burnishing and gilt decorations, central aiming line (20 gauge excluded) on a Strada-type large top rib, gold adjustable single trigger, special anti-muzzle rubber recoil-pad and interchangeable chokes using theTechnichoke Sporting XP70.

In Racing Sporting and Racing II Sporting versions the ergonomic stock has the XR-Stock adjustment system and they have oil finishing with FX-Wood system (Optowood patented).

The Racing Sporting 20 gauge features over and under barrels with the X-cones System and a chromed inside. It features a superior quality, European wood stock, with an ergonomic sporting design. The weight of the shotgun is approximately 3.450kg and it comes supplied with a V500L gun case with five Technichoke Sporting chokes and key.


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