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Pulsar expands with two new models

The Axion compact thermal imaging monoculars from Pulsar are already well known to the key players on the international market. But now the company has developed the range with two fresh models, as Gun Trade World finds out.

In August 2020 Pulsar expanded the Axion product line and released two new Axion models – Axion XQ38 and Axion LRF XQ38. The design of the units has been reexamined, considering single-hand use and ergonomics.

Axions XQ are slightly bigger than last year’s models and there are several reasons to that. First of all, the thermal sensor got bigger, it is a new highly sensitive 384x288 pixel 17 µm amorphous silicon FPA with 40mK NETD. Secondly the battery also grew in size. For the Axion XQ Pulsar developed a new rechargeable battery APS5. It can power the unit for up to 5 hours without stop with Wi-Fi and video recorder on.

Both Axion XQ38 and Axion LRF XQ38 units possess all the best image features of Pulsar thermal imaging optics: eight color palettes, Image detail boost, four observation modes, flexible image and contrast settings, Picture in Picture mode. Optic magnification 3.5x can be increased to 14x by means of digital zoom. The screen used in Axions is a high-quality AMOLED microdisplay with 1024x768 pixels resolution, which is more than enough to produce a sharp reach in detail image.

The housing of both Axions is made of magnesium alloy which better disseminates heat generated by internal electronics. At the same time the units are not heavy just 0,35 kg for Axion XQ38 and 0.4kg for Axion LRF XQ38. All buttons are located on a top pane,l making control easy for left and right-handed users. External power can be fed via USB Type-C on the right side of the unit. A tripod socket is on the front under a rubber cap and to mount the unit on the tripod you need a special 90-degree adaptor that comes with the unit.

The difference between the models is that LRF version comes with a precise laser rangefinder, but lacks a built-in video recorder and Wi-Fi module, whereas Axion XQ38, on the contrary, has built-in video recorder and Wi-Fi module, but lacks laser rangefinder. So, it is a question of personal preference on which unit your customers will buy – with video recording capability or with laser rangefinding. On the one hand, Axion XQ38 records video to 16 Gb internal memory and can work with a smartphone via Wi-Fi and free Stream Vision app, on the other, LRF version lets you measure distances with +- 1 m precision in total darkness. Detection capabilities of both units are impressive – 1350m or 1475 yards for an object 1.8m high.

Protection rating IPX7 means that they can be submerged under water for a short time without any damage. Naturally the unit can be used in difficult weather such as by heavy rain or snowfall.


• Sensor resolution 384х288 @ 17µm

• High sensitivity sensor (NETD < 40 mK)

• 6 Hours of non-stop operation

• Detection range up to 1350 m

• Full color HD AMOLED display

• Highly durable magnesium housing

• Variable, digital zoom 3,5-14x

• Instant start-up

• Picture-in-picture mode, showing display of a magnified image in the main field of view

• IPX7 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy rainfall, snow or other precipitation; it is designed to run flawlessly, even after submersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes

The fresh Axions XQ set the new standard for thermal imaging spotting scopes. Compact and lightweight they can be used for a variety of applications like hunting, security, nature conservation, search and rescue outdoor recreation and many more.


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