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Photonis – the superior optical system

Photonis is a high-tech international organisation and a world leader in providing night vision sensor innovations that are trendsetting for many defence and security applications.

Photonis is world-renowned by MODs, government agencies and end-users for its superior knowledge of night vision and unrivalled performance of its image intensifier tubes. Night vision products from Photonis are deployed worldwide and are purchased by all NATO affiliates and are integrated into equipment of the world’s leading suppliers of optical systems.

Benchmark 4G and 4G+ image intensification technology

In 2014 Photonis launched its 4G technology. Which became the new standard for night vision due to its unrivalled performance. Typical features of this 4G technology are an extended bandwidth in all environments (from below 400nm to above 1,000nm), a FOM (Figure of Merit) above 1,800, a superior resolution and a halo size never larger than 0.8mm around the brightest objects. NATO countries around the world are using the 4G image intensifier tubes to provide their armed forces the best possible view during night operations.


Since its introduction, Photonis’ image intensification success did not pass the commercial market unnoticed and an increasing demand arose among sport shooters, hunters, airsoft practitioners and more. To meet those demands Photonis introduced the ECHO image intensifier tube.

This tube is the first high performance image intensifier tube for night vision not classified for military purposes. This means that this tube can be used not only by defence organisations but also by hunters or other non-military professionals for whom it is important to have a crisp, clear image during the night. Photonis Defense makes Echo tubes available through a network of dedicated US distributors.

The Echo has a FOM (Figure Of Merit) of minimal 1,500 and maximum 1,800, a Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 24, a minimal resolution of 57 lp/mm and a maximum resolution of 74 lp/mm, and a fast auto-gated power supply. Echo is available in either green phosphor (P43) or the onyx black and white phosphor (P45). Moreover, the Echo is available in 18mm and in 16mm. The big benefit of the 16mm is that it reduces the total weight of a night vision device down to 40 per cent.

Echo Plus

Besides Echo, Photonis Defense offers Echo Plus as well. This is an edition of the Echo tube that is only available for (semi) government users and requires an EUS (End Users Statement). Echo Plus starts at 1,800 FOM. The Echo Plus also has a better Signal-to-Noise Ratio (25) and better resolution, starting at 57 lp/mm. The performances of the Echo Plus can be different, because of that it is supplied with its own unique data sheet, providing the most relevant performance information for its user.

If you are interested in Echo or Echo Plus image intensifier tubes then please visit Photonis Defense at the upcoming SHOT Show from January 21st to 24th in, Las Vegas, Nevada at booth number 1163.


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