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Gun Trade World speaks to Tobias Geiger, CEO and CTO of Diycon Optronix, to find out what makes the Optisan range of rifle scopes so desirable for your customers.

Why would retailers choose to stock an Optisan rifle scope? 

Superior night-vision capability versus mid-range pricing. Optisan rifle scopes have been known for a long time in sports shooting but not in hunting, where the premium, high-priced brands play their traditional role. 

How did you set about testing the Optisan EVE series for your new digital night-vision clipon? 

Traditionally common known brands such as Zeiss, Swarovski, Leica and others are being used by hunters because of their outstanding light transmission values. Although there are recent developments, the 3-12x56 may still be the most common scope type of all. Since night vision systems have grown in popularity, light transmission is no longer the only technical aspect that matters. Most common NV-scopes for hunting nowadays are front-attachment clip-on scopes with all their known disadvantages in zeroing and precision. These scopes can easily cost more than 5,000 EUR. At Diycon we developed a high-quality digital NV-system that is being mounted behind the eyepiece. With its short 93mm length it is still within the typical 9-10cm of eye relief of most variable scopes. The new DNVC-2 Firefly won’t need any re-zeroing or adjusting on your scope and provides a full 4K image to the user. Optisan EVE series brought the most satisfying image quality of all rifle scopes we tested together with our Firefly scope, because of its special lens coating, the included parallax adjustment and its incredibly affordable price. 

Why is the parallax adjustment so important and are there other comparable scopes on the market? 

Typically a variable hunting scope is parallax free at approximately 100 yards. Spotting on very short distances around 20m will clearly show the parallax effect. The means you won’t be able to focus a 20m distance target sharp and have a sharp reticle at the same time. With a night-vision clip-on, or better said, add-on, you will notice this parallax effect even more. A parallax adjustment system will move the parallax lens and as a result move the focus of the scope and provide a crisp and sharp image and reticle on each distance. Most other rifle scopes with parallax adjustment, will easily have a three times or even higher price tag yet lead to the same result.

How difficult is it to mount your digital Firefly scope behind the Optisan EVE and what ranges can be achieved? 

We have chosen the Optisan 2.5-10x 50 for our test. It provides a cylindric eyepiece where our specially designed Quick Release Adaptor will fit perfectly. As we are already supplying a set of four spacer rings with the package, our adaptor will fit nearly each eyepiece diameter from 36 to 47 mm. As digital night-vision will require an additional IR-Illuminator to produce superior results, we supply a 5W Illuminator, the Predator 2. In combination with the Predator 2 and the EVE, 2,5-10x50 we were easily able to shoot on over 250 yards on fox sized targets, with no loss of precision through the Firefly Add-On. 

How do you evaluate the product quality of the Optisan EVE 2.5-10x50 scope and what is your service experience? 

Their mechanical parts are excellently manufactured and run smooth. The lenses don’t seem to have the typical dark edges of optics manufactured to a lesser standard and the package includes a good user manual. I cannot tell you anything about their service quality, because so far, we haven’t had a single defective scope. The technical expertise of our sales contact Mrs. Lili You is outstanding and she is always open for new ideas. As both Optisan and Diycon are family owned and family managed companies, we share the same values of high-quality products that will be at the forefront of customer’s needs. At Diycon all of us are also hunters and even most of us are now using Optisan rifle scopes for daily night-hunting. 


Designed and engineered for outdoor enthusiasts since 1998. Optisan co-develops its shooting systems with top shooters to withstand the rigours of the field while excelling at the demands of competition. The company’s meticulous testing and constant improvements have won the approval of champion shooters around Europe. Before it becomes part of your customer’s shooting system, each of the 90-150 components that will become their rifle scope are subjected to more than 200 quality control points, all of which are performed 100 per cent in-house.


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