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Nothing like the classics

A look at Campco’s bold line of Smith & Wesson watches and pepper sprays.

In 1856, Horace Smith and Daniel B Wesson founded the Smith & Wesson Revolver Company and introduced the public to some of the most iconic firearms in the industry. Fast-forward 164 years and, today, Smith & Wesson is one of the most recognisable tactical-gear brands in the entire world; synonymous with consistent reliability, superior craftsmanship, and unsurpassed performance.

Over the past 20 years, CampCo has worked with Smith & Wesson under licence to design, manufacture and distribute globally-exclusive watches and pepper sprays. As a world-renowned manufacturer of quality affordable gear, the team at CampCo has produced a series of innovative products that are truly worthy of the Smith & Wesson name.

“Partnering with an American icon like Smith & Wesson can be a little intimidating,” admits CampCo CEO Motti Slodowitz. “But the excellent consumer response we’ve received over the past two decades has proven that we not only know the brand, but also the type of products that Smith & Wesson fans have come to love and expect.”

Smith & Wesson Watches

Tactical Timepieces

Creating a wristwatch that is both rugged and sophisticated at the same time is no easy task. In order for a watch to be branded with the world-renowned Smith & Wesson logo, it would have to follow the time-honoured tradition of tactical-elegance found in Smith & Wesson firearms, long guns and knives. CampCo has succeeded in designing a unique line of Smith & Wesson timepieces that can be worn in any situation, whether on or off duty. Water-resistant with protective scratch-resistant hardened mineral glass and Japanese precision quartz movement, these brilliantly made watches proudly display the Smith & Wesson name, and are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Swiss Tritium Integrated Technology

CampCo’s line of Smith & Wesson Swiss tritium watches are equipped with a Swiss-made light source that provides 20 years of consistent glow, and can be viewed in low-light or total darkness. Designed with a rotating bezel, and water resistant up to 100 metres (330 feet); each timepiece is a conversation piece.

Bold Sophistication

Some watches just stand out, looking like something James Bond might wear. The Emissary Swiss Tritium H3 Watch is designed for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and want to look good living it. Available in both silver and black, both options are a thing of beauty, boasting a sleek, jet-black display, with bold white numbers and three red hands; calendar display, 12/24 hour indicators, double O-ring screw-down crown and stainless steel straps (additional leather straps are also included).

In Honour of Fallen Heroes

In 2008, terrorists attacked several locations across the city of Mumbai, taking over 100 lives. Among those senselessly murdered were Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, an American couple who had moved to India five years prior to establish a community charity and hospitality centre. The Smith & Wesson Mumbai Lamplighter was inspired by their commitment to humanity and named to honour those who live to help others find their way.

Combining stainless steel with soft genuine leather, the Mumbai Lamplighter (Item #GRH-1) has a subtle yet commanding appearance and features an easy-to-read dial and jet-black face (42mm).

Military Inspired

Popular for its clean style and reasonable price, the Smith & Wesson Military Watch is a tough and stylishly understated time companion that can be spotted on the wrists of law enforcement and military personnel everywhere; featuring a basic round black or olive drab face (38mm), white and green hands, and calendar display. It also comes with double-stitched, interchangeable canvas straps (black, tan, and olive drab).

Smith & Wesson Pepper Sprays

Non-Lethal Protection

A gun is considered “The Great Equaliser” but it is not always the most appropriate or legal tool to use in a self-defence situation. Sometimes the better option is to run from your attacker. Pepper spray can be used as a non-lethal method to keep your attacker from running after you.

Often carried by law enforcement and security officers and known to be one of the most effective personal protection products in existence, the active ingredient in pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsicum - a chemical derived from hot peppers. When a self-defence situation arises, simply press the actuator button, and one blast to the face will cause severe irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory system; thereby immobilising the threat for up to 30 minutes- just enough time for you to get to safet, and call the police.

Smith & Wesson Pepper Sprays are made in the USA and come in six different sizes (from ½ oz to 4oz.). There are several different safety cases and methods-of-carry to choose from - use it as your keychain, clip it to your belt, attach it to your backpac, or drop it into your pocket or purse. Your Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray is always within reach, and always ready to go.

Smith & Wesson is a registered trademark of the Smith & Wesson Corporation and is used under licence by CampCo.


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