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New TruGlo Bowfishing Rest

TruGlo recently introduced the EZ Rest — a brush-style arrow rest designed for simple tuning, operation, and use in the field. Now, a bowfishing-specific version of the popular EZ Rest is available for archers who enjoy the summer thrill of bowfishing.

The bowfishing variant of the EZ Rest incorporates an adjustable brush-style rest that is rugged and waterproof. The captured-brush design provides full containment of the arrow regardless of the bow's position or arrow angle. The thick single-density bristles are designed to support the heavier weight of fiberglass bowfishing arrows. Bright green loading guides also make it easier for bowfishermen to see the rest and load arrows in low light conditions.

The new bowfishing EZ Rest is available as a stand-alone item, as well as in two separate bowfishing kits that are designed to quickly transform an old hunting bow into a dedicated bowfishing rig. One kit includes two TruGlo Speed Shot bowfishing arrows, and the second kit includes two new TruGlo Spring Fisher bowfishing arrows. Both kits also include pre-installed sliding safety systems and nocks.


TruGlo is the global leader in fiber-optic technology and accessories for the shooting sports industry. Now celebrating over 25 years of innovation, TruGlo continues its tradition of providing technologically advanced ideas for shooting, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts. TruGlo’s commitment to conservation groups and youth programs supports the future of the industry and lifestyle we love and value. Based in Richardson, Texas.


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