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New 10X Hollow Point Pellet from Gamo

A new pellet has pellet arrived to Gamo’s 2020 catalogue. It is the new Gamo Hollow Point 10X pellet, which the company classifies in three words: Expansive, destructive and extremely precise.

A hollow-point pellet is a type of expanding pellet used for controlled penetration, perfect for plinking without ricochets and typically used for small game hunting and small bird hunting. This hollow point design causes high-impact on game with tremendous shock effect and rapid energy transfer. Gamo’s Hollow Point 10x pellet has been designed to be used in middle range shooting (maximum 25 yards) circumstance in which it is more accurate and precise compared to pointed pellets. Expansive, destructive and extremely precise, the new Gamo Hollow Point 10x pellet satisfies even the most demanding requirements from passionate air gun users. Designed to perfectly fit your customer’s Gamo Multishot GEN1 and GEN2 Air Rifle.


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