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Melbourne all set for SSAA Show

SSAA SHOT Expo is the flagship shooting and hunting event Down Under, and this year it will call Melbourne home. In partnership with Winchester Australia, OSA, Swarovski Optik and Polaris Australia, October 19 and 20 will see the industry’s leading brands converge at Melbourne Showgrounds.

With a growing market and the lead into Christmas shopping this year’s Expo is expected to continue the trend of setting new attendance records. More than 150 exhibitors and hundreds of brands will be at the Victorian Expo, most returning after reporting successful sales by every exhibitor.

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) is far and above Australia’s largest shooting organisation, boasting almost 200,000 paid-up members. SSAA Victoria, the Victorian state branch of the SSAA, will play hosts to this year’s event. SSAA Victoria Communications Manager Justin Law said the concept is designed to capture the many visitors to the Expo who don’t have a firearms licence to help grow the market.

“This year’s event has been themed as a pathway to the shooting sports for newcomers. We were surprised to learn that around a third of visitors are new to shooting or are there to check it out,” he said.

“SSAA SHOT Expo is a unique opportunity to bring together all our resources to help guide them into the shooting sports. Our seminars will show new people how to get started, how to choose their first firearm and the SSAA stand will have people to help with the onerous licensing process.

“SSAA Victoria has also developed a Practical Firearms Training Program which gives new shooters experience handling a firearm under supervision and helps to produce responsible, safe shooters. We will be giving people an insight into that course and others that we are developing alongside it.”

Since 2010, visitor attendance at the Expos has increased by 25-30 per cent each year and when the event was held in Sydney last year more than 17,000 people passed through the gates. In addition, a recent annual report released by Victoria Police showed that 71,000 firearms were approved for purchase in the state of Victoria between 2017 and 2018.

Karoline Wasiak, SSAA National’s Head of Advertising and Promotions says she has seen a number of new distributors establish themselves successfully in the growing Australian market, quickly gaining popularity and becoming recognisable.

“While the new distributors have seen growth, even the established and major distributors are going from strength to strength. They’ve brought in more and more into Australia and made lots of products and lines for our hunting terrain and conditions,” she said.

“Many companies have also realised the size of the shooting industry here and moved into promoting to this market where they never would have before.”

“They have changed their branding and message to speak directly to us, the shooters and hunters and the more than 194,000 SSAA members, which in turn translates to increased sales for the businesses. This has done nothing but benefit the economy and our community and given us more choices and options with what we need and want when participating in our sport.”

Winchester Australia has been a proud sponsor and participant of the SSAA Shot Expo for more than 10 years. Sales and Marketing Director, Jeff Gordon said: “The SSAA Shot Expo is Australia’s biggest and most well attended show of the year, making it a critical date in our event calendar. No other show in Australia offers us such a massive opportunity to engage with our end user. It’s critical for us as a business to be seen at this show and showcase our brand and partner brands to the shooting public of Australia.”



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