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Luxury from Fausti

Italian manufacturer Fausti has released a new line of high-end shotguns onto the market, which will appeal to those customers with an eye for the luxury, as Gun Trade World discovers.

The master gunsmiths of the Casa di Marcheno have created a weapon with a unique line, a meticulous aesthetic and mechanical research, which renews the image of the most classic of sports weapons – the side by side shotgun.

The weighing platform of the Dea Luxury is a round body with side plates that are also round – a solution that recalls the best British creations of the last century.

“The side by side shotgun has long been seen as a symbol of quality and it must feature precise and consolidated aesthetic and mechanical standards,” says Barbara Fausti

Commercial Area.

This is why Fausti has chosen to continue the tradition of the classic box-lock which integrates a mechanism of absolute reliability, with a firing system featuring robust V-springs and hammers with an integrated firing pin, which allows hunters to appreciate dry, precise and safe shots in the field.

Fausti Dea Luxury Bone & Charcoal Version

All components of this luxury side by side are made from solid steel through the latest generation of CNC, there are no precision cast parts. The patented automatic extractors of the Dea Luxury are anti-rotating and guarantee precise and reliable expulsions over time.

Elements include the double English lockings, the semi-beavertail forend with the classic pump release and the metal drop set in the wood. The long trigger guard built in a workmanlike manner in beautiful selected walnut wood and finished in oil with checkering by hand denote the attention to detail that distinguishes a fine weapon from a standard one.

The head of the action frame shows the breasts that join, with an effortless natural style, to the roundness of the body, creating a continuing solution that enhances the line and the swing of the side by side.

Breast action of the silver version

The barrels, in special steel, are cleaned by hand before browning, dense and shiny by virtue of the special finishing of the barrel itself. The chokes can be fixed or selected with interchangeable chokes, while the firing system is provided with a non-selective trigger or alternatively in the more traditional double trigger.

“Of great impact is also the work, signed, by the Fausti master engraver, who exploits and develops the large surface area available with a floral theme that continues onto the barrel and which sees the action chest feature the iconic Fausti logo on a gold background,” continues Barbara.

The Dea Luxury is available in all calibres with specifically dedicated frames/actions.

The frame finish has two versions – Bone & Charcoal and Old Silver, a stylistic solution always appreciated by enthusiasts.

Dea Luxury is available in all gauges with specifically dedicated actions and like all shotguns in the Fausti boutique it can be customised with tailored stockings and with the lengths and characteristics of the barrels created specifically for the type of hunting preferred.



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