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Legendary shooter Jerry Miculek signs with Hoppe’s and Champion

Hoppe’s, the gun care products brand, and Champion, makers of eye and ear protection, have signed legendary shooter Jerry Miculek to serve as an ambassador for both brands during the 2020 competitive shooting season.

Miculek, widely acknowledged to be one of the best all-around shooters in the world, will represent Hoppe’s gun care products and Champion Vanquish hearing protection as he prepares to compete in his 31st year of professional shooting.

“Entering into a partnership with Hoppe’s feels a lot like coming home,” said Miculek. “It was the first firearms cleaning product I ever used and it’s a special feeling to once again be back with the brand.

“As for Champion, I’ve been testing its new Vanquish hearing muffs for some time now and it’s certainly the best hearing protection I’ve ever used. To be able to add them, along with Hoppe’s, makes it almost too good to be true.”

Throughout his historic career, Miculek has proven to be among the best in a variety of shooting disciplines, winning 52 national titles and 45 world titles, while setting numerous speed shooting records.

Although best known for his amazing feats with a revolver, Miculek is also one of the top Multi-Gun competitors in the world and has demonstrated equal prowess with pistols, rifles and shotguns. His varied shooting skills have been highlighted on numerous television programs and, with countless competition and hundreds of shooting demonstrations under his belt, Miculek is arguably the most well-recognised shooter on the planet.

“To say that we are excited to have Jerry join our team is a huge understatement,” said Jason Slinkard, director of shooting accessories for Vista Outdoor. “His decision to represent both Hoppe’s and Champion is a huge validation of the products being developed by both brands and we look forward to using his numerous years of experience to bring even better products to market.”

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