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Leapers Business Increasing Through Pandemic

Gun Trade World spoke with US-based manufacturer Leapers, to find out how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting them. The company had some positive news to tell us...

"The Michigan “Stay at Home” order was extended to the end of April with another possible extension, many think, will likely occur. After being deemed an “essential business infrastructure”, we are thankfully able to operate, albeit not at full capacity. The majority of our work force is still working from home. With that said, we have prioritized on what we can do within the rules and regulations of the “Stay at Home” order. What that translates to is processing and shipping out orders for the majority of our customers that too, are deemed, “an essential business infrastructure”.

"The numbers of orders we are receiving in addition to their individual amounts have noticeably increased and we are doing our best to get them out in a timely manner despite having only a handful of individuals at the office. Production schedules have been changed with production overall increasing both domestically and internationally to compensate for this. There are chokepoints, but we are outmanoeuvring them as a result of this level of prioritization.

"Now, the company is preparing for when we do return back to work and are implementing strict safety measures and operating procedures to safeguard our employees upon their return, whenever that may be. Our facilities, from top to bottom, are being sanitized. To give you an idea of how thorough the company is, this sanitization includes even the packages, letters, envelopes, etc. we receive in the mail. Leapers, Inc. looks forward to returning to full working capacity and sincerely thanks our loyal customers for their continued patience."


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