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Krypton FXG50 – a leader in thermal clip-on segment

Gun Trade World looks at the new Krypton FXG50, a thermal imagining front attachment set for strong sales across the globe.

The market has long been waiting for innovations from Pulsar in this field and the company has met the challenge with enthusiasm. In August 2020 Pulsar launched a new thermal imaging front attachment with a revolutionary 12 µm thermal detector and a powerful set of features. The new Krypton FXG50 represents the pinnacle of the company’s efforts in creating a fantastic thermal imaging clip-on system for the hunting market. The design of the unit and mounting adaptor have been completely reconsidered in accordance with new trends in technology.

Now where is the breakthrough here? It is in several aspects. First of all – thermal imaging sensor is a new 12 µm PRO grade 640x480 pixel microbolometer. Secondly, the screen – a new 1746x1000pixel pure AMOLED microdisplay. A high-quality germanium objective lens with 50mm focal length provides an extra-long 2500yd (2300m) detection range. What is important for front attachments, is that this powerful combination can be used on day riflescopes in a wide range of magnifications from 1x to 6x without any loss in image quality.

Speaking about features that Pulsar is so famous for, what else can be there to satisfy the hunter? The unit includes a chargeable battery holding for eight hours straight, as well as a HD video recorder with 16 Gb internal memory.

Variable observation modes change the unit’s behavior depending on weather conditions and it features a Wi-Fi hot-spot for connecting smartphones via the free Stream Vision app. Two colour modes – Hot White and Hot Black and Image Detail Boost enhance image detail digitally.

The picture offered by a 12 µm thermal sensor and AMOLED display is at the top level of quality. All the smallest details like horns, animal body extremities, leaves or branches are well visible and easy to identify. All image settings of the unit have been optimized by Pulsar engineers to produce a high contrast, vivid image even in the most unfavourable weather conditions.

The adaptor is new and unlike the well-known Pulsar universal adaptors it does not have Bayonet connection with the unit. The so-called Pulsar PSP adaptor, where PSP stands for “Precise Screen Positioning” has to be screwed onto the attachment and can be removed from the riflescope only with the attachment. Removing the unit from the riflescope now requires the user to unlock the latch on the side of the adaptor. The position of the image can be precisely aligned in the riflescope’s field of view with the help of the PSP mechanism in the adaptor.

The build quality is high, as usual with Pulsar products and can by right be considered one of Pulsar greatest products.


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