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Key Airgun releases to keep your customers happy…



Swarm Fusion 10X Air Rifle

Gamo’s 10X Technology takes another step forward with the new horizontal magazine alignment on the Swarm Fusion 10X. Gamo’s 10X Technology first appeared in the industry changing Swarm Maxxim, the first breakbarrel air rifle featuring a 10-shot magazine that allows shooters to shoot 10 shots as fast as they can break the barrel. Still the most user-friendly system, Swarm 10X stands apart from all other breakbarrels.

The new Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 comes in .177 and .22 and shoots at velocities at the very top level of breakbarrel abilities. The thumbhole stock featuring a prominent pistol grip guarantees a solid hand-hold for sure accuracy. It’s easy to load 10 pellets into the new horizontal magazine, and even though the gun comes with a scope, the barrel is fitted with an open, adjustable iron back sight and a fiber optic front blade. Retail price is $269.99 and the new Swarm Fusion is available through and other airgun outlets.

W: www.gamousa.

2. Brocock

Bantam Patagonia PCP Air Rifle

The Patagonia version has been borne from Brocock’s Bantam 2 and is so named in recognition of a Patagonian world champion marksman, Claudio Flores. He piloted a modified Bantam 2 to victory in the 2018 World Extreme Bench Rest Championships, held in Arizona last October, picking up a cheque for $5,000 alongside the prestigious world title for his efforts.

“It takes a special kind of air rifle to win the richest prize in outdoor airgun competition,” said Brocock’s Tony Belas, “It was clear that the tweaks Claudio had made to his off-the-shelf model were something we needed to take note of. After all, with targets out to 100 yards, airgun competitions don’t get more demanding than Extreme Bench Rest!”

Brocock launched its revamped Bantam 2 only around a year ago, and the Patagonia model brings yet more significant airgun technology to the British gunmaker’s arsenal. In .25 calibre, the Patagonia mirrors Claudio’s EBR-winning Bantam 2, coming in a sand-coloured finish and producing a muzzle energy of 55 ft/lbs no less. Thanks to its 480cc carbon-fibre buddy bottle and HUMA-regulated action, the rifle returns 60 shots per charge of air with the kind of shot-to-shot consistency that the world’s elite marksmen demand of their hardware.

Brocock are manufacturing variants of its new high-power rifle, too: a .22-barrelled version of the Patagonia which returns 46 ft/lbs at the muzzle and an all-black model they’ve christened the Bantam Magnum (available in both .22 and .25). All feature the Bantam 2’s sidebolt action, 10-shot magazine with single-shot loading option and adjustable stock. The new models are available to order now.



Sig Sauer

MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle

The MCX Virtus PCP rifle is the latest expansion to the Sig Air precision line of airguns and the introduction of Sig Air products to the pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) category of airguns. The MCX Virtus PCP doubles the muzzle energy of classic CO2 models and uses the Sig Rapid Pellet Magazine, making it a great tool for target training and defending against unwanted varmints.




Rangemaster Pellets

For the last 15 years Daystate has been picking the best pellets from around the world and working with the original manufacturers to make them work better in their rifles. Labelling under their own Rangemaster brand allows importers and resellers to sell across all makes of airgun.

Currently, rangemasters are sourced from market leaders JSB and H&N. Both companies are supplied with sample rifles and match their pellets to Daystates Lother Walther barrels.

The company ships worldwide in even modest quantities and allows importers a legitimate way of accessing the top pellet types where trading agreements would otherwise prevent this. At the other end of the scale, for larger pallet quantities, considerable savings can be made via drop shipping from source.


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