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Kahr Firearms Group Acquires Trademark for Magnum Research BFR Logo

Magnum Research has announced that the Kahr Firearms Group has officially acquired a rademark for the BFR logo.

The Magnum Research BFR is an iconic revolver and has been subject to speculation over the years regarding what “BFR” actually stands for. There can no longer be any question as to the meaning since KFG has acquired an official trademark for the BFR logo, including the words “Biggest Finest Revolver”.

The trademark states that the mark consists of “the top view of a stylised revolver cylinder. To the right of the design are the stylized letters ‘BFR’. Below the design and letters ‘BFR’ is a line. Below the line are the stylised words ‘Biggest Finest Revolver’.”

“We are proud to have a trademark on the BFR graphic,” says Jodi DePorter, director of marketing for Kahr Firearms Group. “We want to protect the integrity of the hard work and dedication that the makers of this pistol have committed to its image and name.”


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