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“I’d Bet My Life on the Quality of Our Ammunition”

Czech-based ammunition manufacturer JSB Match Diabolo made a slow start to business but today it is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The prestige of the company from the heart of Europe is also evidenced by the results of the world’s shooting aces that rely on the company’s top-quality products.

The ammunition manufacturing company was founded in 1991 by Josef Schulz. At that time, few people could have imagined that, almost three decades later, pellets from the Czech Republic would be used by people across all continents in 45 countries around the world.

“Our absolute priority is the product quality,” says Pavel Kolebač, director of JSB Match Diabolo, who is also the man responsible for the confident headline of this feature.

“It was clear to us from the beginning that if we keep manufacturing precision, we must succeed. And we stick to it. Every buyer must get the best product from us. Whether it is a recreational shooter or a sports professional.”

It was this approach that provided JSB Match Diabolo with the opportunity to work with the leading manufacturers of air guns and top athletes. But how has the company really achieved this success? The answer is clear: using a sophisticated manufacturing process.

Each Pellet Must Undergo an Optical Inspection

The life of pellets from JSB Match Diabolo begins with the selection of the first-class raw material. “We are particular about the purity of lead, which amounts to 99.97 per cent. This is actually the cornerstone of the success of shooters who use our products,” explains technical director Michal Poledník.

Prototypes of all types of pellets are first checked in a test tunnel. Positive results give the green light to the manufacture of the particular series. What literally amazes everyone is the quality control. This is because each manufactured pellet is inspected by one of the 40 employees of the special department.

“You can’t replace the human eye with anything. This is the best sensor. That is why almost half of the employees are involved in quality control. Employees work with tweezers, a magnifying glass, micrometre and a table lamp. Believe me, this way we can identify even the slightest imperfections,” continues Michal.

If any of the pellets, for example due to scratches or overpress, do not meet the quality requirements, they are immediately sent for recycling. As a result, customers only get first-class ammunition.

Pellets not only Winning the Championships

Thanks to this process, pellets from the centre of Europe have fought their way to the top of this type of ammunition. Customers like the metal packaging with the JSB Match Diabolo logo all over the world.

At present, pellets from the Czech Republic are experiencing a boom, mainly in the USA and the United Kingdom, and the company traditionally has a strong position in Russia, Japan, Germany and in a number of other European countries. The strong point about the pellets is that both recreational shooters and real professionals enjoy them. The Match Heavy Weight and Match Middle Weight pellets – holding several titles of the World Champion, European Champion and regularly winning the World Cups in ISSF shooting – are the real pride of the company. On the other hand, the ammunition is also widely used in other shooting disciplines like FT, HFT, Benchrest and appreciated by hunters as well.

Wide Selection of Ammunition

Even total beginner shooters will get their money’s worth. If they are not sure about the most suitable pellets for target shooting, they can buy a test set. They will find seven types of ammunition in the package and they can choose the one that suits them best. The company chooses a similar approach to all shooters, so the product portfolio is very diverse.

And what does JSB Match Diabolo tell the shooters in the end? “We guarantee you that our pellets are a real hit!”


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