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Hatsan announces market’s most powerful PCP rifle

Hatsan has introduced the first .50 calibre air rifle and the market’s most powerful production PCP rifle.

The PileDriver is designed exclusively for high-powered hunting applications. Capable of producing over 800 ft/lb of energy in .50 cal, it is also available in a 700+ FPE-generating .45 calibre model.

Although this rifle utilises a 33in barrel, its bullpup design keeps the maximum length under four feet. The side lever cocking mechanism is easy to reach and operate. A 480cc carbon fibre bottle fills to 4350 PSI and will provide up to six high-powered shots on a single fill.

The PileDriver’s unique, patented hammer design eliminates traditional steel coil springs in favour of a smoother, easier-to-cock, gas piston mechanism.

This top-loading single-shot rifle also features an extra-large loading port that will accommodate ammo up to 34mm in length.

The all-weather synthetic bullpup stock features an ergonomic pistol grip with textured grip surfaces for enhanced feel and control.

The soft rubber butt pad is both elevation and angle adjustable to ensure controlled recoil and a comfortable fit. An elevation adjustable cheek rest ensures proper sight alignment with any optic.

The rifle’s 14in scope rail is cut to accept both Picatinny and 11mm Dovetail mounts, offering plenty of real estate for a wide variety of optics. Three Picatinny accessory rails are attached around the air bottle for added customisation.

The high-strength steel barrel is precision rifled for long-range accuracy, and the absence of a shroud allows for the use of sabot rounds, further expanding one’s ammunition options.

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