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Go long on the flats

Legendary Italian shotgun manufacturer Fabarm has introduced a new semi-automatic into the international market, Gun Trade World takes a look at this interesting firearm, particularly for long-distance work.

The all-new Fabarm XLR Columba Palumbus is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun specially designed for intensive hunting on the flat where a stable, high performance firearm set up for long-distance shooting is required.

The Tribore HP barrel has an 11mm to 8mm wide top-rib with interchangeable hi-viz fibre optic front sights for precision shooting.

There’s a superb True Timber Stata finish on the composite sections while the metallic parts all have a Cerakote Midnight Bronze coating. It has been proof-tested to overpressure 1630 BAR steel shot.

Technical Specifications

Gauge - 12-3in (12/76 )

Type - Semi-auto gas operating with pulse piston

Barrel - Tribore HP, deep drilled from solid bars of nickel chrome molybdenum steel

Barrel length in cm - 71 - 76 - 81

Frame - Aluminium 7075 t6

Frame finish - Cerakote midnight bronze

Stock - Pistol with rubber overmoulded comb

Stock finish – True Timber Strata + soft touch finish


The Fabarm factory was launched around 1900 by the Galesi family, one of the great Brescian dynasties. The name Fabarm comes from Fabbrica Bresciana Di Armi, which literally means Arms Manufacturer in Brescia. During the first decades of the 20th century, production was mainly side-by-side shotguns and pistols. Just after the Second World War, production took off, with over-and-under shotguns added to the production of side-by-side, Anson type; with the production of break-down barrels for other brands and, even more astonishingly, in the middle of the 1950s, compressed air rifles and 9mm calibre Flaubert carbines.


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