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German Precision Optics Introduces SPECTRA Series Riflescopes

GPO GmbH & Co. KG (German Precision Optics) announce the release of SPECTRA series riflescopes. SPECTRA series riflescopes are designed to provide key features, performance and reliability for the modern European hunter and shooter. All SPECTRA riflescopes share common features such as 30mm main tubes and GPOBright multi-coatings and range in magnification spans covering 4x, 5x, 6x and 8x. The flagship of this series would be the SEPCTRA 8x series, which offers the widest range of premium performance 8x magnification riflescopes on the European market today, all with suggested retail prices under €1500.

SPECTRA SERIES 4x 2.5-10x44 4x 2.5-10x44i 4x 4-16x44 4x 4-16x50i 5x 3-15x56i

SPECTRA SERIES 6x 1-6x24i 6x 1.5-9x32i 6x 1.5-9x44i 6x 2-12x44i 6x 3-18x56i 6x 4.5-27x50 6x 4.5-27x50i (FFP) 8x 1-8x24i 8x 2-16x44i 8x 2.5-20x50i 8x 2.5-20x50i (FFP) 8x 3-24x56i 8x 3-24x56i (FFP)

SPECTRA series riflescopes are expected to be available in Summer 2020. Technical details and specs will be available in our full-line catalogue as well as on the brand-new GPO website planned to be launched mid-March, 2020.

About German Precision Optics GPO was founded by optical industry senior executives who have experienced how big brands increase profitability to support their massive production infrastructures. This corporate profitability structure normally results in increased consumer pricing or decreased product feature quality. We at GPO have a unique corporate structure that allows us to build higher-quality products with better features at similar prices or similar-quality products at better prices. Our products are built to our high-quality standards in some of the largest global production facilities in the world. All our design, engineering, and quality management is done internally in Germany.

For more information call +49 (0) 8143 99 20 87 0 or email

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