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EGE Arms receives manufacturing boost

EGE Arms has announced its new production facilities one year after it entered the hunting market. The factory building, located in Beysehir, Konya, Turkey has a total closed area of 1,800 sq m.

After 10 years of experience with the biggest companies in the Turkish Firearms industry, Ertugrul Saydamoglu and Berat Ozan Ozsahin established their own trading company called EGE Group, as of October 2018, trading in both firearms and hunting equipment and ammunition.

The facility can call upon 20 CNC and other top-quality machines and has a maximum production capacity of 5,000 shotguns per month.

EGE Arms currently exports into four countries with the company looking to double this number within 2020. EGE Arms will exhibit its new products at the IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany in 2020 and from there it plans to diversify its tactical and shotgun offerings within the new production facilities.

“In this context, product development is one of the most important objectives of the company,” says Ozan Ozsahin, co-founder of EGE Arms.

“In addition, the company also attaches importance to the product quality processes, in order to improve its production standards and aims to produce to CIP and SAAMI standards.”

The company has almost completed the prototyping of its new models for the 2020 season, EGE Arms aims to start mass production after completing endurance and other qualification tests.

The company currently produces magazine-fed semi-auto shotguns, bullpup semi-auto shotguns, pump-action and gas-operated semi-auto shotguns.


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