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Editor releases Shot Placement Book

Andre van Dyk, the editor of South African hunting magazine Wildland has released a book called “Shot Placement – The Facts Speak”.

“Over the years I have realized that many hunters do not know where the vital organs of animals are located. They also don’t know how low the heart is situated in the body of most of the animals. Another thing that I also learned is that most hunters do not know how small the brain of any animal is in comparison with the heart/lung area. Therefore, it is much safer to shoot at the heart/lung area than the brain area. Most importantly hunters tend to shoot at a target on the animal and not inside it. If the hunter can master this concept of shooting at target inside the animal and not on it - he will have much more success in the hunting field. In other words, he must determine the path the bullet will follow to reach the heart/lung area and adjust his aiming point on the outside of the body accordingly. These are the main reasons for writing this book to bring the above to the attention of hunters.”

The book is available in English and German and can be bought at

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