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CZ unveils its latest 457 rifle

For over 70 years, CZ has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of long guns using rimfire cartridges. Each and every one of its model series has been looked upon favourably by retailers and consumers alike, however, none has brought such an enormous leap in improvements of all the key user parameters as the 457 family. Gun Trade World looks at the latest in the family – the Synthetic.

The newest in the CZ 457 series is the Synthetic, which is built for the harshest of weather conditions, the 457 Synthetic combines an extremely durable nitride finish with a hardy black polymer stock. Like all 457s, the Synthetic utilizes CZ’s easily-swappable barrel system, enabling conversion between barrel lengths, profiles and chamberings in minutes.

The 457 Synthetic’s ergonomically superior stock shape is borrowed from the popular 557 centerfire rifle, allowing it to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed shooters. A soft rubber butt pad increases comfort and a soft-touch finish secures it firmly in the hand. Another perk of this stock is a significant weight reduction, allowing the rifle to clock in at only 2.4 kg.

Equipped with a varmint barrel threaded 1/2x20 UNF, the Synthetic can be had in .22 LR, .17 HMR or .22 WMR with a 20” barrel, as well as a shorter, stiffer 16” version in .22 LR only. Like all of our rimfire rifles, this 457 has a 11mm dovetail milled into the top of the receiver, facilitating easy mounting of optics.

Key Features

Positive safety

The silent, positive safety allows natural and intuitive control in the shooting direction. This contributes to safe and comfortable handling of the firearm.

Separate bolt removal control

The bolt can be extracted from the receiver without having to pull the trigger. The bolt can be conveniently and completely safely removed by a separate and easily accessible control, which allows easy disassembly of the firearm for cleaning.

Possibility to open and remove the bolt even with safety engaged

The bolt can be opened even with the safety engaged, so you can safely check the condition of the firearm or unload it without having to release the safety.

Fire mechanism indicator

The indicator reliably detects a cocked firing mechanism and can be checked visually and by touch, for example in dim light or at night.

Adjustable trigger mechanism

The adjustable trigger mechanism allows you to precisely tailor the firearm to your needs. The trigger pull is preset to 12 N at the factory, but it can be easily adjusted in the range of 8–15 N. The trigger travel is adjustable in the range of 0.5–5 mm.

Lighter striker with faster movement and smaller shocks during firing

Compared to the previous model, the striker weight was reduced to 62 per cent. This prevents even the smallest vibration that could affect shooting accuracy. The striker is also modified to be resistant to dry training.


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