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Boost sales with Lansky releases

Legendary American knife manufacturer Lanksy has a number of new products for 2020, here are a few of Gun Trade World’s favourites.

D-Sharp Diamond Pull-Through Quad-Angle Sharpener

The latest addition to Lanksy’s Sharp line, the all-new D-Sharp features four sharpening angles (17, 20, 25 and 30) in 600 grit diamond. It also has a fine ceramic benchstone that can be used for polishing straight or serrated blades. Perfect as a Lansky System accessory, or as a stand-alone sharpening solution.


Four sharpening angles (17o, 20o, 25o, and 30o)

Ceramic Benchstone for fine polishing and serrations

600 grit medium diamond pull-through slots

800 grit ceramic serrated mini benchstone

Durable metal casing

100 per cent compatible with all Lansky Controlled-Angle Systems and Turn Boxes

Retractable Diamond Pen Knife Sharpener

The all-new Diamond Pen is perfect for sharpening small pocket knives, serrated blades, and fish hooks. The retractable 600 grit sharpening rod stores easily within the plastic casing. The three-sided Diamond Pen gives users the ability to sharpen serrations of various sizes.


Retractable 600 grit diamond sharpening rod

Lightweight plastic casing with clip

Length: Five inches


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