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3HGR launches Tailor-Made sling service

Over the past six years, 3HGR has become one of the biggest sling manufacturers in the industry and has built a strong reputation with its innovative and highly functional products. Now it has gone one better…

Slings are the only product that Finnish-based company 3HGR provides, which has allowed it to truly go deep into the subject and create something new.

It all started with a single product – the Original 3HGR. While attending numerous game fairs, the company’s founder, Lauri Kakkonen, listened carefully to what his fellow hunters had to say and what kind of slings they wanted.

“When I noticed a clear pattern, I developed a sling that would work for that specific use. For example, the 3HGR Driven was developed like this and it instantly became a bestseller,” says Lauri.

3HGR has always wanted to have a top-notch customer service with both its distributors and individual customers.

Lauri reveals, “We’ve always made small modifications to our products if a customer has requested it. It can be a matter of colour, sling swivels, length or other kind of tailoring to make the sling fit the user or the gun perfectly. Now we wish to combine listening to new ideas and the small modifications into a single service. We have a lot of ‘half ready’ ideas, tons of experience and a wide range of different components. In the best case, we can create completely new products, when we listen to the wishes of the end users.”

For this purpose, the firm has launched its 3HGR Tailor-Made service. Each sling that is built either to the wishes of a single customer or a distributor will come with a 3HGR Tailor-Made sign. The first tailor-made slings have already been produced according to customers’ needs and already this second project has led to a development of a new product.

As a by-product, this ideology had also opened new markets for 3HGR. Two of the tailored products are carrying systems for ballistic shields.


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